Steph Curry talks golf and Kobe Bryant on "Hot Ones" episode - ESPN

UniqueThis 27 Jul 27
Jul 27, 2023, 06:38 PM ET

Stephen Curry has completed one of the greatest challenges of his life: making it through an episode of "Hot Ones."

On Thursday, the Golden State Warriors guard appeared on the web series, in which guests are interviewed by Sean Evans while eating chicken wings coated in increasingly hot sauces. The sauces are ordered by their position on the Scoville scale, which measures the intensity of their spiciness, ranging from the "Hot Ones -- The Classic" at 1600 Scoville units to "Hot Ones -- The Last Dab: Apollo," which has an as-yet-unreleased rating, although some sources have it at over two million units.

Curry and Evans had a wide-ranging conversation about his life and basketball career. Some highlights:

On his most recent hole-in-one: "Uniquely singular experience ... when it goes in, that's when I lost my mind. ... I basically blacked out.

On shooting flaws: "As long as your elbow is kind of as close to 90 degrees as possible, I'm much more confident in somebody being able to repeat that ... [the chicken wing] is like the deadliest sin in basketball shooting.

On the first time he pulled up from 40 feet: "I did it in high school ... I know I missed. Thankfully, my dad was on the sidelines. He was an assistant coach. My head coach couldn't really overstep and chastise me in the middle of the game, but I definitely got an earful when I got in the car on the way home."

On his early interactions with Kobe Bryant: "My rookie year, we were playing the Lakers at home. He was on the bench, and I think we were getting beat at the time. ... I hit a leaner on the glass ... the camera locks in on him for some reason and he like points to or leans to the guy sitting next to him, one of his teammates and kind of mouths like 'Man, he's nice.' I'm like, that's the dopest thing in the world."