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Blue Origin and four other companies win millions to keep lunar lander dreams alive

UniqueThis 3 Sep 14
  • The changing of the guard is continuing at Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture with the departure of Stephen Bennett, a senior vice president who led the team behind the company’s New Shepard suborbital spaceship. Bennett will become Toronto-based Kepler Communications’ chief operating officer on Sept. 20, Kepler said in a news release. Blue Origin’s vice president of communications, Linda Mills, told GeekWire in an email that Bennett’s deputy, Phil Joyce, “was promoted and has taken on leader

  • The 26-time NASCAR Cup Series winner was the iconic Southern chicken chain’s first celebrity advertising partner.

  • Recent missions from the space agency have been made possible with the work of Latino and Latina engineers.Details: Aerospace engineer Diana Trujillo moved from Colombia to the U.S. speaking no English. She paid her way through school by working as a housekeeper. She is now a lead scientist for the Mars Perseverance rover.Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.Perseverance was built by and is managed through the Jet Propulsion Lab, where Latino engineers like

  • On this day in weather history, the Lunar 2 impacted the Moon.

  • Simu Liu voices a one-eyed ronin who teams up with a polite orc to protect a young elf girl in the first trailer for Netflix's Bright: Samurai Soul. The post BRIGHT: SAMURAI SOUL Trailer Teases Simu Liu’s Unlikely Hero appeared first on Nerdist.

  • Afghan women show off their traditional dress as black burqas spread under the Taliban.

  • Justin Herbert and Juwan Johnson sparkled in the first week of NFL action for 18 former Oregon Ducks.

  • The Inspiration4 crew members have never been to space. They've only trained for five months. Their spaceship has a new glass dome for the views.

  • David Chase is joining other filmmakers in decrying Warner Bros.' decision to simultaneously release movies in theaters and on HBO Max

  • The crew has completed their training, the spacecraft is ready to go, and launch day is finally here for Inspiration4.

  • U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urged the business community on Tuesday to start weighing in with Republicans on the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling to avoid a government default or partial government shutdown. "This is risky business and dangerous business" that Republicans are engaging in, Schumer, a Democrat, told reporters at the Capitol. There are estimates that sometime in October the Treasury Department could run out of ways to borrow money to finance government debt unless Congress approves a new debt limit.

  • There is a sizable overlap between the blockchain community and the gaming community. Tech-savvy people who are fascinated with blockchain also tend to be people interested in gaming and actively partake in it. This has been seen with the popularity of NFTs in the gaming sector, with many rare and valuable NFTs being traded within games. So far, one frontier that has not been fully explored up until now was decentralized gaming i.e games built and operated entirely on decentralized technology. R

  • Axios' "How it Happened: The Next Astronauts" podcast follows the first all-civilian space crew as they prepare for their historic mission.The all-civilian Inspiration4 crew, launching to orbit this week, will force the space industry to contend with just how much risk ordinary people are willing to take on in order to build humanity's future in space. Why it matters: The private space industry's goal of building an economy in space hinges on sending more people to orbit in the near future. But

  • After 16 era-defining years at the helm of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is standing down - so a traditional marzipan manufacturer is hoping to sweeten her departure with a special souvenir for her fans. The marzipan confectioner has been in operation for 40 years, and while the family-run business now has machinery to do some of the mass production, it has held on to its handmade skills as well.

  • It's bounty hunters vs. Sith vs. Wookiees vs Stormtroopers, in the brand new trailer for Star Wars: Hunters for Nintendo Switch. The post STAR WARS: HUNTERS Battle in New Cinematic Trailer appeared first on Nerdist.

  • To me the billionaire space race is an obvious good. The resulting decline in launch costs, for instance, is nudging dreams of a multi-trillion-dollar orbital economy and space-based solar power a bit closer to reality. Of course, people who loathe billionaires and despise capitalism have attempted to frame the investments by people such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk as evidence of indifference toward what happens to their home planet. Hey, why should they care if climate change ravages the Earth,

  • Elon Musk and Grimes made their debut as a couple at the Met Gala in 2018

  • A farmer walks through a rice paddy in India's northeastern state of Assam. Buu Boro /AFP via Getty ImagesProducing enough food for a growing world population is an urgent global challenge. And it’s complicated by the fact that climate change is warming the Earth and making farming harder in many places. Food production is a big contributor to climate change, so it’s critically important to be able to measure greenhouse gas emissions from the food sector accurately. In a new study, we show that

  • U.S. energy producers have cut so deeply into a once-large reserve of oil wells waiting to be turned on they soon may have to resume drilling to keep production from sagging, executives and analysts said. This would mean an increase in spending which could unsettle investors who have benefited from shale companies' recent prioritization of shareholder returns over ramping up production. Companies, including Diamondback, Pioneer Natural Resource and Devon Energy, for example, have redirected rising cash returns to dividend growth, variable distributions, buybacks, and further debt reduction.

  • Fans will no longer get a "Piece of Me" from Britney Spears, since she just deleted her Instagram account. A source explained why she's "taking a break" now that she's in a "very happy place."