Photos Show Boat Damage from Kevin O'Leary's Wife's Fatal Crash

UniqueThis 53 Jul 20

The luxury vessel that Kevin O'Leary's wife crashed her boat into suffered significant damage ... and TMZ's obtained photos showing the impact's brutal aftermath.

You can see the Super Air Nautique -- which had 12 passengers on the night of the crash -- sustained damage on its nose, along with extensive cracks and chipped paint ... there's also a haunting image of blood on one of the boat's seats.

The pics from the criminal case make it clear where the vessels made contact -- and the Cobalt boat, driven by the "Shark Tank" star's wife, Linda O'Leary, was also severely banged up.

In fact, some parts of the O'Leary's boat were later found on the Nautique. That being said ... a marine mechanic testified in court that while the Nautique had a "fair amount of damage" he expected more considering what he had initially heard about the accident.

The trial wraps up later this week ... and Kevin is expected to testify Wednesday via Zoom from Los Angeles. Linda's pled not guilty to carless operation of a vessel ... in other words, driving too fast. The driver of the other boat was cited for operating his boat at night without navigation lights.

As we reported ... Linda reportedly had booze on her breath following the fatal boat crash. But according to legal docs and obtained by CBC News, cops say Kevin's wife told them she drank vodka AFTER the crash and BEFORE cops administered an alcohol screening test.

Cops, however, believe she consumed the alcohol before the crash. In any event, the family of one of the two people killed in the crash on a Canadian lake filed a civil suit against the O'Leary's.

The multi-million dollar suit claims Kevin and Linda were incapable of safely operating the boat because their judgment was impaired by alcohol, drugs or fatigue.

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