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  • Ann pegram It is said that if you ask, you shall receive. And for some reason, on this day he got his answer. Perhaps it was the intensity with which he asked his question, or maybe it was his sense of certainty that "now is the time." Or possibly it was just the impact of continually focusing on the answer to one burning question. For whatever reason, the giant power of the human mind and spirit awakened in this man. The answer came to him through an unlikely source: the sickening smell of decaying human flesh. There, only a few feet from his work, he saw a huge pile of bodies that had been shoveled into the back of a truck—men, women, and children who had been gassed. The gold fillings had been pulled from their teeth; everything that they owned—any jewelry—-even their clothing, had been taken. Instead of asking, "How could the Nazis be so despicable, so destructive? How could God make something so evil? Why has God done this to me?" Stanislavsky Lech asked a different question. He asked, "How can I use this to escape?" And instantly he got his answer. As the end of the day neared and the work party headed back into the barracks, Lech ducked behind the truck. In a heartbeat, he ripped off his clothes and dove naked into the pile of bodies while no one was looking. He pretended that he was dead, remaining still even though later he was almost crushed as more and more bodies were heaped on top of him. The fetid smell of rotting flesh and the rigid remains of the dead surrounded him everywhere. He waited and waited, hoping that no one would notice the one living body in that pile of death, hoping that sooner or later the truck would drive off. Finally, he heard the sound of the engine starting. He felt the truck shudder. And at that moment, he felt a stirring of hope as he lay among the dead. Eventually, he felt the truck lurch to a stop, and then it dumped its ghastly cargo—dozens of the dead and one man pretending to be one of them—in a giant open grave outside the camp,
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  • Zoe Moyer Though AI in technology has been the talk of techies, researchers and enterprises alike, there still exists a lot of scepticism and apprehensions in regard to the benefits and implications it can have on businesses in the future. This article looks at the pros and cons of AI in technology, as well as its potential effects on businesses large and small.
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