• Hypak .com
    Hypak Flashspun For Metal/Tile Roof
    https://www.kingwills.com/hypak-house-wrap-under-metal-siding/ /> #house #trim #wrap
    Therefore, the enclosure materials required for metal structures must have: Excellent moisture resistance, vapor barrier and...  more
  • kejin gtrim
    Sequin lace trim is one of the most common laces that appear in our daily lives. This kind of sequin fringe trim is a new fashion design which becomes very popular. Meanwhile, this kind of sequin ribbon trim is simple to make and at a low cost. Many...  more
  • kejin gtrim
    Pom Pom trims also referred to as Pom-pom or Pompon, is a set of decorative balls linked by a woven trim. #pom #pom #fringe #trim

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