• cstitanium
    Medical Titanium Rod
    https://www.cstitanium.com/products/medical-titanium-rod.html /> #medical #titanium #rod
    In the modern medical field, the selection of materials plays a crucial role in the treatment effectiveness and quality of life of patients....  more
  • Nylon Rod #nylon #rod #cost Our company nylon products are divided into MC casting nylon and extrusion nylon according to different processes. https://www.xinrui-plastic.com/products/nylon-rod.html
  • topautoproducts
    Petrochemical Nuts And Bolts
    https://www.dtnut.com/petrochemical-nuts-and-bolts.html />
    #b7 #threaded #rod

    The standard refers to the American ASTM or ASME standard with new and unique technical clauses added, which is suitable for a type of petrochemical...  more
  • hsgmetal
    Molybdenum Rod
    https://www.hsgmetal.com/products/molybdenum-rod/ />
    #molybdenum #rod

    HSG molybdenum bar supplier provides the pure molybdenum bar for sale with molybdenum content greater than 99.95%.

    Also, as a molybdenum rod supplier, we offer high...  more
  • Litechtools com
    Drifter Rod
    Drifter Rod
    Drifter rod is mainly used on the full hydraulic drifting jumbo. This drifting drill rod can be used for roadway excavation blasting and anchor hole drilling in underground mine, as well as used for the excavation of traffic...  more
  • rishengmagnets
    Tube and Grid Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/tube-and-grid-magnets.html />
    #rare #earth #rod #magnets
    The tube and grid magnets are a simple and economical solution of magnetic separation, the magnetic strength is very strong from 2000Gs...  more
  • otaluam xie
    Aluminium Square Bars
    https://www.otalum.com/products/aluminium-square-bars.html /> #aluminium #square #rod
    Similar to the application scope of the aluminum flat bar, the aluminium square bar can be widely applied in construction, machinery, electronics,...  more
  • earthrodchina
    Grounding Conductor #copper #coated #steel #rod STEEL GROUNDING CONDUCTORS
    Copper-clad copperweld steel grounding material is a new material developed by Ningbo Zhenhai Beisuda Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. to replace pure copper. Copper-clad...  more
  • earthrodchina
    Copper Bonded Copperweld Ground/Earth Rod #buy #earth #rod What is the copper-bonded copperweld steel ground rod?
    Product Name: Copper coated copperweld steel ground rod
    Production process: electroplating / continuous electroforming
    Raw materials:...  more
  • earthrodchina
    Chemical Ground Electrode #chemical #earth #rod Chemical Ground Electrode System
    Performance characteristics and working principle of chemical grounding system:
    1. Chemical ground electrode
    2. Existing soil
    3. Special filler
    4. Ions diffuse around
    5....  more
  • Adding one centerless grinding process after the carbide rod blank coming out of sintering furnace, we get the ground carbide rod. If there is a further special length requirement, a cutting process should be done before grinding, then we get the...  more
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