• printrite com
    Print Rite Printer Ribbon Supplier
    https://www.print-rite.com/products/printer-ribbon/ />
    #printer #ribbon #manufacturer

    Looking for a high-quality, affordable printing solution direct from printer ribbon manufacturer? Print Rite printer ribbon delivers...  more
  • deli catedecor
    Delicatedecor provides burlap ribbon bulk, including 10 inch deco mesh wholesale of burlap ribbon and 2 inch wired burlap ribbon and so on, which gives rustic charm to your decoration.

    We supply burlap mesh ribbon wholesale of different materials, with...  more
  • kejin gtrim
    https://www.kejingtrim.com/products/tassel-trim/ /> Tassel Trim Wholesale
    Trim Tassel Fringe is a drooping lace trim made of colorful feathers or silk threads, etc. Tassel braid edging is often used in the skirts and hem of stage costumes. #tassel #ribbon #fringe
  • The ribbon mixer machine consists of a U-shape tank, spiral and drives parts. The spirals dual structure. Outer spiral makes the material move from the sides to the center of the tank and the inner screw conveyor the material from the center to the sides...  more
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