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    PTFE Kevlar Conveyor Belt
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-kevlar-conveyor-belt/ /> #ptfe #cloth

    In the 1960s, DuPont developed a new type of arylene fiber composite ---- arylene fiber 1414, which was commercialized and registered as Kevlar in...  more
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    PTFE Film Adhesive tape
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-film-adhesive-tape/ />
    #ptfe #fabric #price

    PTFE film tape has a non-stick and abrasion resistant surface which makes it great as quick-release barrier between surfaces where pressure,...  more
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    PTFE Fiberglass Adhesive Tape
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-fiberglass-adhesive-tape/ /> #ptfe #coated #fabric

    Aokai PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape is made of PTFE fiberglass cloth as the base material and then coated with silicone...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Conveyor Belt
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-conveyor-belt/ />
    #ptfe #fabric #suppliers

    Using high-quality strength glass fiber and aramid fiber as the base material to weave into high-strength high-temperature mesh and high-temperature...  more
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Medical : BK-M Series Breathable Insulation Membrane
    https://www.sungodtech.com/product/medical-bk-m-series-membrane.html /> #PTFE #Lamination

    Medical : BK-M Series Breathable Insulation Membrane

    Key Properties of BK-M Series Breathable Insulation...  more
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    Expanded PTFE Membrane
    https://www.sungodtech.com/expanded-ptfe-membrane.html /> #PTFE #membrane

    PTFE is stronger. You can see and feel the difference in the material, and unlike ePTFE, it will not break down when it's touched. Since ePTFE material is...  more
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Stretch Technology SUNGOD has recently developed new products based on Stretch Technology. 
    It combines the synthetic stretch fabrics with bi-component based on expanded PTFE porous membrane and through special lamination processing forming the...  more
    PTFE Membrane Stretch Technology | SUNGOD Tech
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Technical LaminationSUNGOD is a leading manufacturer of membrane lamination in Asia. It established the lamination dept almost the same time as the PTFE membrane dept. Till 2020, we have nearly 20 years' lamination history, as well as 20 years'...  more
    Membrane Lamination, Lamination Technology, Laminating Services
  • Premium PTFE Coated Fabrics

    Premium PTFE Coated Fabrics Introductions

    Premium PTFE coated fabrics contain a higher level of PTFE coating which makes it a more durable, superior smooth surface, quicker release, chemical resistant and low friction...  more
  • PTFE Glass Mesh Fabric Introductions

    PTFE glass mesh fabric also called PTFE open mesh fabrics are made from open mesh woven fiberglass coated with PTFE, the open mesh allows air and heat pass through quickly to improve drying time. The woven fiberglass...  more
  • PTFE Teflon Seamless Belt Introductions

    PTFE seamless belt is made of high strength fiberglass weaved by special equipment to be endless and seamless, then coated with PTFE under high temperature up to 260°C. The seamless belt is knitted into a tubular...  more
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