Degradable Rubbish Bag, also known as biodegradable garbage bags, are made of materials extracted from plants, such as plant starch and corn flour, which do not cause any harm to human body and the environment.

    Features of Degradable Rubbish Bag
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  • bosheen com
    1.Pedal design
    2.430 stainless steel, anti-fingerprint technology
    3.The semi-transparent lid is clearly visible, and the built-in garbage margin is clear at a glance
    4.Layering design, fixed garbage bag, and convenient to carry the bucket

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  • gzmidas
    MAX-SN352A Indoor Hotel 24l Stainless Steel Colorful Metal Foot Pedal Bin with Pp Cover #foot #pedal #bin Size: 460*265*395MM                                               
    Material: stainless steel +plastic
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