• fprnewenergy
    Battery Module Pack
    https://www.fpr-newenergy.com/products/battery-module-pack/ />
    #battery #cell #pack #module
    Battery Module Pack
    Multi-application LFP battery module packs offer a compelling value proposition with their sleek and compact design,...  more
  • UM680A

    Automotive Grade Multi-GNSS Dual-frequency High Precision RTK Positioning Module
    UM680A is a high precision GNSS dual-frequency navigation car gps module developed by Unicore for the intelligent driving market. Based on the proprietary...  more
  • PLUG417

    Uncooled Thermal Modules (Imaging Only)

    GUIDE metal package infrared detector + professional hardware platform + unique image processing algorithm = PLUG Series Uncooled infrared camera module. High performance IR detector captures more...  more
    FBI-PIV Certificated Fingerprint OEM Module
    https://www.miaxis.net/products/miaxis-sm-92m-fbi-piv-certificated-fingerprint-oem-module.html /> #fingerprint #reader #module
    SM-92M is a durable optical OEM fingerprint module with high-quality FBI-PIV...  more
    Fingerprint Module
    https://www.miaxis.net/products/fingerprint-module/ /> #biometric #module
    A Fingerprint Module is a compact and secure device used for capturing and processing fingerprint images. It includes a sensor for capturing fingerprints and an...  more
  • HRTC-B1 Control Modules
    https://www.tinkosz.com/products/hrtc-b1-control-module/ /> #plc #temperature #module
    Tinko HRTC-B1 hot runner control module is a LED display with dual row and dual colors module. It is using industrial-grade CPU, with accurate...  more
  • Hot Runner Control Modules
    https://www.tinkosz.com/products/hot-runner-control-modules/ /> #module #temperature #controller
    As basic unit of hot runner control system, consistent temperature control can improve part quality and reduce scrap. Hot Runner...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C129T25-L3Ⅰ
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c129t25-l3-1.html /> #ir #camera #module

    Suitable for reconnaissance, targeting, search &rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence collection,...  more
  • solarlaminator
    Double-layer & Single-chamber Solar Panel Laminator #pv #module #laminator Automatically remembered process parameters that will not be lost after rebooting. Lamination count statistics function, which is easy to check the working times and...  more
  • lingyangsolar com
    Digital Intelligent Operation Software Solar SCADA
    https://www.lingyangsolar.com/products/digital-intelligent-operation-software-solar-scada/ /> #solar #tracker #module

    Data mining and visual monitoring are carried out in accordance with the top-to-bottom...  more
  • exsontech exsontech
    23.6 Inch 1920x1080 FHD 30PIN LVDS-Double IPS 600nits TFT LCD Display Module
    https://www.exsontech.com/products/23.6-inch-1920-1080-fhd-30pin-lvds-double-ips-600nits-tft-module-display.html /> #china #lcd #display #module

    This single-display module is...  more
  • yansen com
    Yansen CFast YSCS, featured as small form factor, can be configured as a boot device or data storage and is suitable for most industrial applications. With TLC NAND Flash and LDPC ECC, provide high performance and prolong lifespan with exceptional...  more
  • ekingst
    EtCO2 Modules
    https://www.ekingst.com/products/etco2-modules/#end #tidal #co2 #sensor
    #capnography #module
    #sidestream #and #mainstream #capnography
    The end-tidal carbon dioxide modules (etco2 modules) independently developed and produced by Kingst can...  more
  • dehaiyouli
    Silicone Diaphragm For Solar Laminator
    https://www.dehaiyouli.com/products/silicone-diaphragm-for-solar-laminator.html /> #silicone #fluorine #diaphragm #for #pv #module #laminator
    DHAYL high tear-resistant fluorine silicone diaphragm adopts world-famous...  more
  • JWIPC com
    https://www.jwipc.com/products/ops-sdm-digital-signage-player/ /> #ops #module
    OPS stands for Open Pluggable Specification, a standard computing module plug-in format. Using OPS digital signage player can reduce downtime...  more
  • IGBT Driver

    #igbt #module #driver

    MORNSUN hybrid integrated IGBT drivers are designed with a built-in isolation DC/DC converter. They can realize the safety electrical isolation between the power semiconductor and the control circuit with the...  more
  • aihomestyle
    Smart Dimmer Module #led #remote #dimmer #module Smart dimmer module enables you to control the on/off and brightness of light fixtures with smartphone and voice like Alexa, Google Assistant smart. They are most economical, versatile, reliable, and...  more
  • ItOutsourcingChina
    #Outsourcing #Laravel #Development to #IT #Outsourcing #China, you can have your project completed at a #pocket-#saving #cost with the #best #quality of #work. Our firm has a pool of skilled and experienced #Laravel #Development experts who can develop...  more
  • hxtechnology
    Security Product

    #ip #camera #module #PCBboard
    After every single detail of the electronic device has been finished for the design and engineering, we will prepare for production. The needed electronic components will be purchased from our reliable...  more
  • gool ton
    M2026 AR Optical Module #lcos #module The light transmittance of the array light guide is more than 80%, which is close to the light transmittance of normal glasses. Compared with other peers using this technology, our module has a larger FOV, less...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Optical Display Module #optical #display #module It can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the individual needs of industrial enterprises and government departments because we devote to provide best AR smart glasses and optical...  more
  • Ruitrailer Ruitrailer
    As the combination product of Self Propelled Trailer and modular trailer, SPMT is equipped with a power system and changes each suspension to independent suspension on the basis of the structure of modular trailer. SPMT (self-propelled modular...  more
  • solarborn solarborn
    300W Poly Solar Panel With 72 Pieces Solar Cells
    https://www.solarbornenergy.com/products/300w-poly-solar-panel-with-60-pieces-solar-cells.html /> #solar #module #300w
    300 watt poly solar panels with 60 cells for motorhome camper caravan, because of the...  more
  • 232 Transceiver Module #rs232 #transceiver #module MORNSUN RS 232 transceiver modules is designed by RS 232 protocol, and it replaces the traditional design by integrating transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in one...  more
  • RS 485 Transceiver Module #rs485 #communication #module MORNSUN RS 485 transceiver modules is designed by RS 485 protocol, and it replaces the traditional design by integrating transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in...  more
  • CAN Transceiver Module #can #communication #module MORNSUN CAN transceiver modules is designed by CAN protocol, and it replaces the traditional design by integrating transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in one module. ...  more
  • hxtechnology
    Environmental Protection Equipment
    https://www.hx-technology.com/pcba-environmental-protection-equipment/ />
    #ip #camera #module #PCBboard

    Nowadays, environmental protection has become more and more popular. The products provided by HX technology could...  more
  • gool ton
    The AR optical display module M2010, M3043 developed by goolton surpasses the existing AR optical waveguide display in terms of imaging clarity, resolution, color, weight, volume, and power consumption.
    #optical #display #module
    ...  more
  • sz ceres
    WiFi Modules
    #wifi #module #supplier
    The wired control used in traditional industrial automation production requires the cooperation of multiple people to complete the entire control process. Nowadays, the industrial automation industry in many fields...  more
  • 3onedata
    IEM615 series are 5-port 100M layer 2 managed embedded industrial Ethernet switch modules with 2 serial ports or CAN ports featuring high integration level, small size, rich functions, easy and convenient usage. This series have 3 types of products. It...  more
  • 3onedata
    10-port 100M/Gigabit Layer 2 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch Module
    Support 3 gigabit fiber/copper ports and 7 100M fiber/copper ports
    Adopt SW-Ring patent technology, support single ring, coupling ring, chain ring, Dual-homing ring network...  more
  • 3onedata
    3onedata’s Ethernet switch modules deserve compact design, high integration and rich functions. Customers can customize PCB to meet different field requirements. The industrial-grade design endures harsh environments.
    #embedded #ethernet #switch...  more
  • opticalsintai
    #dispersion #compensation #module
    Dispersion is one of the transmission properties of the optical fiber, and the optical pulse signal will be broadened in time after transmission in the optical fiber for a distance, which produces inter-symbol...  more
  • hxtechnology
    After every single detail of the electronic device has been finished for the design and engineering, we will prepare for production. The needed electronic components will be purchased from our reliable suppliers globally. First article, small, medium and...  more
  • kingtech display
    Kingtech 2.4inch 240x320 (QVGA) TN TFT LCD display is very popular in the market. This one is portrait type, and it's mainly used for a handheld device and E-bike equipment.

    Plus the 2.4inch can reach 1000nits, so it is a sunlight readable LCD display....  more
    25G SFP28 BIDI/LWDM/CWDM/DWDM transceivers for 5G front haul are available now.
    Browse our broad range of products designed to help you enable your communication networks.

    Manufacturing AdvantageOur Manufacturing AdvantagePrimus IT has the R&D,...  more
  • gool ton
    M100S AR Glasses

    #augmented #reality #module

    The M100-S fire transmission system can be adapted to various fire protection masks, which integrates video information collection, display, and transmission. In the fire rescue, the conventional images and...  more
  • DoraLiu DoraLiu
    PLC Module

    #mitsubishi #plc #module
    In programming, the module is that complete a function to require the program or subroutine, or an independent program unit that can be handled by the compiler and assembler and so on, or is a part of the large...  more
  • kingtech display
    Kingtech 4.3inch 800x480 /WVGA TFT LCD display is our most leading product. The supply is very long and stable. This 4.3inch module is IPS/all/free/wide/full viewing angle LCD display, it has the resistive touch and capacitive touch, we can also custom...  more
  • kingtech display
    Kingtech 3.5inch 320x480 IPS/ free / all/ wide viewing angle TFT LCD display is our most leading product. Kingtech is only the distributor of the IPS LCD panel, so we have price and resource advantage.
    #3.5 #lcd #module ...  more
  • Bella Wang
    Sunworth Solar Products Sunworth, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 certified 12-year solar product manufacturer, strive for carrying forward the new energy industry, save nonrenewable resources, light up remote places, end poverty, protect the earth we...  more
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    Fiber Optical Transceivers
    #fiber #transceiver #module
    The T&S Fiber Optical Transceiver product selection and innovative technology have made us the optical module manufacturer of choice for all major networking equipment vendors worldwide. We have...  more
  • senba sensor

    PIR sensor module developed for human body detection. An integrated PIR sensor combined with a fresnel lens which is mounted on a compact PCB, and limited components to form the module. Delay time, lux is adjustable. Customization is...  more
  • earthrodchina
    Ground Module #ground #module BEST Grounding Module
    Performance and characteristics of BEST grounding module:
    The low-resistance grounding module is a non-metallic material-based grounding body composed of non-metallic minerals with good conductivity...  more
  • In solar pump system, if the pump power is small, only a few solar panels are needed to drive the water pump. However, the voltage of several solar panels cannot meet the voltage of the water pump inverter, resulting in the need for more solar panels. In...  more
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