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    Titanium Products for Daily Life
    Titanium is a versatile metal that has found extensive applications in various...  more
  • RSG
    180ml Customize Flint Cola Glass Bottle
    https://www.glassbottlesupplier.com/products/180ml-customize-flint-cola-glass-bottle/ /> #bottle #coke #glasses
    A 180ml cola glass bottle typically refers to a small-sized bottle made of glass that can hold up to 180...  more
  • gool ton
    M100S AR Glasses #cost #of #ar #glasses In the fire rescue, the conventional images and thermal images of the scene are collected from the firefighter's first perspective and transmitted to the firefighters and rear commanders in real-time. Based on...  more
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    G200E AR Glasses #high #tech #glasses #for #sale The new augmented reality prescription glasses are equipped with detachable sunglasses lenses to provide vision protection under strong light.

    The video recording of the glasses is up to 4K, 60 frames,...  more
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    C200S AR Glasses #wearable #ar #glasses High-transmittance arrayed waveguide display, reliable structure, and performance;
    The Chinese AR glasses can be adjusted, and it’s friendly for people wearing glasses, compatible with helmets and...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Glasses #types #of #ar #glasses For example, as one of AR glasses manufacturers, Goolton offers the Latest AR glasses C200-S with a high-transmittance waveguide display, adjustable display, IP66 waterproof, Ex explosion-proof, 2M anti-drop. The...  more
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    AR Glasses And AR Optical Module #ar #glasses #china The self-developed optical module technology is more advanced, low cost, and supports customization. The transmittance of array optical waveguide is more than 80 %. Our model has larger FOV, smaller...  more
  • gool ton
    The smart Chinese AR glasses are also applicable to industrial scenes such as AR warehouse picking.
    #ar #glasses #design
  • gool ton
    Field operators can communicate with technical experts in real-time, call remote experts in the process of operation, and interactively guide the operation with experts when the operator handles equipment problems.
    #best #ar #smart #glasses
    ...  more
  • gool ton
    M3043 AR Optical Module

    #smart #glasses #warehouse #picking

    M3043 adopts Lcos array optical waveguide.

    This module is a top-down module, which is mainly used in AR equipment in the form of helmets and safety helmets.

    FOV reaches more than 40°....  more
  • gool ton
    M2026 AR Optical Module

    #wearable #ar #glasses

    M2026 uses Micro OLED plus array optical waveguide technology, which is a side-entry module, mainly used for normal-form AR glasses.

    Its characteristics are light and thin, and the weight of a single...  more
  • gool ton
    G200E AR Glasses

    #high #tech #smart #glasses

    G200-E uses the leading array optical waveguide technology, the light transmittance is greater than 82%, and the lens thickness is less than 2mm.

    The monocular display is clear and comfortable to...  more
  • gool ton
    C200S AR Glasses

    #artificial #reality #glasses

    High-transmittance geometric waveguide display, reliable structural and performance;

    Adjustable display, friendly to people who wear glasses, compatible with helmets and goggles;

    For the Industrial...  more
  • gool ton
    C100S AR Glasses

    #third #eye #smart #glasses

    C100S AR smart glasses, back-wearing design, perfect use of ergonomics, comfortable and stable, relieve the pressure on the bridge of the nose and realize no sense of wearing.

    The host screen adopts an...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Glasses

    #affordable #ar #glasses

    AR glasses, also known as augmented reality glasses, is a wearable device that can free your hands. Its main function is as a carrier with information collection, transmission and interaction. After the user wears...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Glasses And AR Optical Module

    #ar #glasses #for #sale

    Goolton has developed a variety of glasses, including C100-S. C200-S, G200-E, M100-S, etc. Ar glasses can free hands, support a variety of interaction methods, and are comfortable to wear,...  more
  • goodseller home
    Anti-Fog wide-vision safety goggle can be applied to classroom lab, home, and workplace safety for preventing flying debris, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes.

    Adjustable head belt with elastic design to facilitate the fastening of the head...  more
  • Mezcal For Life
    Day Of The Dead Calavera Cocktail Mugs
    Whimsical and colorful. These are painted skull (calavera) mugs in the Day of the Dead style. Handmade and painted by artisans in rural Guerrero. Great for celebrating your favorite holiday and enjoying mezcal with...  more
    Day Of The Dead Calavera Cocktail Mugs 2 Pack  Handmade | Etsy
  • Custom Ski Helmet with Visor Manufacturer
    Advantages of Ski Helmet with Visor
    1. Detachable visor

    2. Unisex

    3. Comfortable lining

    4. OEM service is welcomed

    5. Certified product

    Never on the slopes without a helmet
    Every year in winter, numerous ski...  more
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