Coil Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
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    The coil sheet laser cutting system combines with the de-coiling system, leveling system and laser cutting system. It's...  more
  • atlas com
    Compression Springs are open-coil helical springs wound or constructed to oppose compression along the axis of wind. Helical Compression is the most common metal spring configuration. These coil springs can work independently, though often assembled over...  more
  • MAP MS
    Block Ignition Coils #ignition #coil #block Block ignition coil has an built-in ignition module, usually 2, 4 or 6 ignition coils that control multiple spark plugs through the ignition lead without the need for a distributor. The ignition module adopts...  more
  • Evaporator Coil Install
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    Excellence AC & Heating offers the best services for evaporator coil installation. Well, it is always better to call certified technicians...  more
  • cnaluminiums
    3003 Aluminium Coil #china #3003 #aluminum #coil 3003 aluminum coil is a non-heat-treated alloy, and its mechanical properties can be improved by conventional cold processing. It is an AL-Mn alloy, which is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum....  more
  • es color
    It is required to control the solidification process of the zinc layer to obtain relatively uniform and fine zinc flowers, but visible to the naked eye. The minimized spangle galvanized steel can meet the needs. All types of hot-dip galvanized steel...  more
  • es color
    The color-coated coil, also named ppgi, is a product made of hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip aluminized zinc sheets and electro-galvanized sheets. After surface pre treatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), one or several...  more
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    The metallic pattern ppgl is a kind of prepainted galvanized steel coil with the metallic pattern printed on.

    As one of the responsible steel coil manufactures, we give the guarantee for the service life. The promise is that there will be no...  more
  • es color
    Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (GI) #gi #sheet #coil At present, prime hot dipped galvanized steel coils (gi steel sheet coil) is more and more popular. In order to prevent corrosion and prolong its service life, steel plate is coated with a layer of metal...  more
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    Coated Steel Sheet & Coil #colour #coated #coil #price Colour coated steel coil is a kind of metal product on which protective and decorative paint is coated. Easteel offers you the preferential color coated galvanized steel coil prices. We...  more
  • kc Cailong
    Cailong is one of the recognized leaders of precision spring, progressive stamping, wire form, machined components and assemblies for nearly 50 years. We have a 30,000sqm factory with approximately 280 employees based in Dongguan, China. ...  more
  • kc Cailong
    Tension Spring
    KC Hardware uses fully automatic Taiwan imported special tension spring forming equipment to process tension springs. The springs are formed at one time with high stability. The abnormal products can be sorted online to ensure that the...  more
  • soloon actuators
    FCU Motorized Zone Valve belongs to the central air-conditioning terminal control products. As an executive component that controls the water flow in the fan-coil, it is controlled by the central air-conditioning thermostat (or three-speed switch). The...  more
  • soloon actuators
    FCU thermostats are designed for a variety of two- and four-pipe, heating and cooling HVAC applications and for Building Automation Systems, Both manual and automatic changeover models include a provision for a remote thermistor temperature sensor.
    #fan...  more
    Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil

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    Also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel coil, etc., pre-painted galvanized steel coil (PPGI) with...  more
    PPGI Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Coil Supplier /Company China |
  • Aluminum Coil & Sheet Is Widely UsedIn Construction FieldAluminum foil alloy material has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and convenient construction, which makes the application of aluminum alloy structure in civil...  more
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