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    Optical Trocar
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    Boer disposable optical trocar is also know as endoscopic visual –tip trocar. It allows surgeons to see the cutting through a laparoscope all the time, and this...  more
  • lepu medical
    Occlude blood vessel and other tissue structures in the endoscopic surgery.

    Up to 20 titanium clips hit continuously.

    Used in small incision surgery and open surgery, occlude quickly.

    Single use instrument to avoid cross infection.

    Application:...  more
  • langrunconnector
    1-Piece Edge Clip Cable Tie
    1-piece Edge Clip Cable tie is a tie that can be attached to the Edge of a plastic or metal mounting panel without drilling. It is composed of fixed position edge clip and cable tie, and the position of the head of the tie is...  more
  • Main Parameters
    1. Capacity: 65-85pcs/min
    2. Wire diameter: Φ0.5-1.8mm
    3. Space required: 8m*2m
    4. Total power: 5.95KW
    5. Suitable material: Galvanized wire
    6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
    7. Dimension: 5000x1200x1700 mm
    8. Weight:...  more
  • Main Parameters
    Main Parameters
    1. Out put: 350pcs/min
    2. Galvanized wire diameter: Φ0.45-0.70mm
    3. Space required: 2m*2m
    4. Total power: 0.75KW
    5. Suitable material: galvanized steel wire
    6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
    7. Dimension:...  more
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