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    Functional masterbatches are high-performance additives utilized in the plastics industry designed to enhance or modify certain physical and chemical properties of plastics. Common types of functional masterbatches include UV...  more
  • xhlactics
    Food Grade Lactic Acid CAS NO. 79-33-4 Wholesale

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    Food-grade lactic acid is an organic acid that is used as a preservative in food products and as an additive in beverages. It is also used to adjust the pH level in foods...  more
  • xhlactics
    Feed Grade Lactic Acid CAS NO. 79-33-4 Wholesale

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    Feed grade lactic acid is an acid produced by the fermentation of carbohydrates such as sugar and starch. It is used as an acidulant, flavoring, and preservative agent in animal feed. It...  more
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