• Tymagnetics
    Linear Motor Magnet Track
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    A linear motor magnet track is a type of transportation system that uses magnetic fields to propel a vehicle along a track. Linear...  more
  • kgc clutch
    Clutch Actuator

    #dual #clutch #actuator

    The truck uses compressed air to disengage and recombine the clutch to complete the start and shift gears, A concentric pneumatic clutch actuator that contains all elements connected to the gearbox system to...  more
  • soloon actuators
    Fire Smoke damper actuators are designed specifically for fire and smoke application during normal operation, the actuator motorized the damper. In the event of fire emergency, the actuator springs back to its original position when there is a power...  more
  • soloon actuators
    FCU Motorized Zone Valve belongs to the central air-conditioning terminal control products. As an executive component that controls the water flow in the fan-coil, it is controlled by the central air-conditioning thermostat (or three-speed switch). The...  more
  • soloon actuators
    Explosion-proof Damper Actuator is in accordance with the type, for automation of air dampers, fire and smoke dampers, volume control, as well as for ball valves, throttle valves and other quarter-turn armatures.

    Explosion-proof actuators for opening...  more
  • soloon actuators
    SOLOON supplies various kinds of high-quality HVAC air duct damper actuators, including Standard Damper Actuator(Non-Fail-Safe Damper Actuators), Quick Running Damper Actuators, Spring Return Damper Actuator(Fail-Safe Damper Actuators), Fire Smoke Damper...  more
  • soloon actuators
    Our mainly produces: electric valves, electric butterfly valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic butterfly valves and other products.

    Types of HVAC Control Valves and Actuators

    Globe Valve and Actuator
    Globe valves and globe...  more
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