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    What is Neodymium Magnet?
    The Neodymium magnet is a permanent magnet that has been made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure. NdFeB is a type of rare-earth magnet that is widely recognized for...  more
    What is Neodymium Magnet? - Use Neodymium Magnets to Replace Dri
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    Strong magnetic hooks find versatile applications in daily life. They are ideal for hanging kitchen utensils and towels, organizing office spaces by securely holding folders and pen holders, and even organizing garages by suspending tools or bicycles....  more
    Super Convenient Magnetic Ceiling Hooks For Warehouse & Work sta
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  • WZ Magnetics
    Fishing Magnets
    #Neodymium #Magnets #Supplier
    The WZ Magnetics Manufacturing complete ranges of fishing magnets. They are made of Strong Neodymium Magnets, durable steel parts with smart...  more
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    Customizable Magnetic Hooks

    https://www.wzmagnetics.com/product/customizable-magnetic-hooks.html/ /> #magnetic #Neodymium #Magnets #manufacturer
    Weizhong Magnetics offer customizable permanent magnetic hooks in various materials and colors to meet the...  more
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    Custom NdFeB Magnets
    https://www.ktmagnet.com/products/ />
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    NdFeB magnets, also known as the "King of Permanent Magnets", is one of the most significant members of the rare earth magnet family. Sintered NdFeB is a rare earth...  more
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    Appliance Magnet
    https://www.ktmagnet.com/appliance-magnet/ />
    #large #appliance #magnets

    NdFeB magnets, also known as Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, are a type of rare-earth magnet that is known for its exceptional magnetic properties. They are the...  more
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    Neodymium Micromagnets
    https://www.tymagnetics.com/products/neodymium-micromagnets.html />
    #micro #neodymium #magnets
    Tiny, powerful magnets consisting of neodymium, iron, and boron are known as neodymium micromagnets. They are widely employed in a...  more
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    Neodymium Disc Magnets
    https://www.tymagnetics.com/products/neodymium-disc-magnets/ />
    #neodymium #disc #magnets #wholesale
    Tengye magnets provides powerful rare earth neodymium magnets for sale at good wholesale prices.

    Rare Earth Neodymium disc magnets...  more
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    Neodymium Arc Magnets
    https://www.tymagnetics.com/products/neodymium-arc-magnets/ />
    #large #arc #magnets
    Powerful rare earth neodymium magnets are available for purchase at reasonable wholesale costs from Tengye Magnets--a reliable Arc magnet supplier....  more
  • PVC Magnetic Button(sewing magnets)
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/products/permanent-magnets/pvc-magnetic-button/ /> #button #magnets #for #sale
    The magnetic buttons(also called as button magnets) are made of thin neodymium magnets and steel cover,then...  more
  • FAQ
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/service-support/faq.html /> #do #neodymium #magnets #rust
    Why are neodymium magnets coated?
    Neodymium magnet is mainly a composition of neodymium, iron, and boron. When the magnets are exposed to air, the iron in the...  more
  • The Difference Between Bonded Ndfeb Magnets And Sintered Ndfeb Magnets
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/service-support/article/difference-bonded-ndfeb-and-sintered-magnets.html /> #holding #magnets #manufacturer
    NdFeB magnets can be divided into bonded NdFeB...  more
  • China Has Become To Be A Major Production And Consumption Country For Neodymium Magnets
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/industry-news/china-major-production-country-neodymium-magnets.html /> #china #industrial #magnets
    NdFeB permanent magnet(following...  more
  • The Application of Rubber Magnets on Fridge Magnets
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/application/the-application-of-rubber-magnets-on-fridge-magnet.html /> #holding #magnets #manufacturer
    Fridge magnets are daily hanging decorations, generally used in...  more
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    Epoxy Coated (Waterproof) Magnets
    https://www.strong-magnetics.com/products/epoxy-coated-waterproof-magnets/ /> #epoxy #magnets
    It's not paint, it's a strong, durable, long-lasting protective coating. These coatings are non-slip, versatile, and beautiful....  more
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    Permanent Magnet Used for Mounting
    https://www.strong-magnetics.com/permanent-magnet-used-for-mounting/ /> #magnets #for #mounting
    Cable and pipe mounting, we have specially designed a kind of rubber coated magnet for the installation of cables and...  more
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    Permanent Magnet Used for Hanging
    https://www.strong-magnetics.com/permanent-magnet-used-for-hanging/ /> #magnets #for #hanging
    Our magnetic hooks generally include a magnetic base and a hook fixed on the magnetic base. They can be used in different...  more
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    Samarium cobalt is the second strongest magnetic material after neodymium-iron-boron. Although its magnetism is not as strong as neodymium magnet, they are more corrosion-resistant and have a higher maximum working temperature.Ring shaped samarium cobalt...  more
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    Rubber Coated Neodymium Disc Magnets Ø 22 mm,Thickness11.4 mm, holds approx. 7.1 kg
    Shape Disc
    Material NdFeB
    Grade N42
    Diameter 22mm
    Thickness 11.4mm
    Strength 7,1 kg
    Working Temp. Max. 80°C
    Weight 24g
    The waterproof neodymium disc magnets 22x11.4mm...  more
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    Square Neodymium Adhesive Magnets 20x20x1mm
    Magnet Type Adhesive Block
    Material NdFeB
    Grade N35
    Size 20x20x1mm
    Magnetization Through 1mm
    Coating NiCuNi
    Max.Temp. 80°C
    Force 1.1kgs
    If you need a strong stick on magnets for your project, the square...  more
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    Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Ring Magnet D25.4xd12.7x6.35mm
    Axially magnetized rare earth samarium cobalt magnet rings with dimension of 1" (25.4mm) OD x 1/2" (12.70mm) ID x 1/4" (6.35mm) thick.

    Magnetic Performance: Br: 10.4 kGs, Hcb: 9.8 kOe, Hcj: 10.6 kOe,...  more
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    22x6mm Hold 3.5kgs
    Diameter 22mm
    Thickness 6mm
    Thread M3 - M6
    Weight 9
    Color black
    Pull Force(Kg) 3.5
    It' s smallest rubberized pot magnets that with internal thread mounting hole,standard size is 22mm in diameter and 6mm in thick,they hold about...  more
  • powerful magnets
    The ceramic disc magnets made of iron oxide and strontium carbonate are ferrite magnet, also known as a ceramic magnet. Ceramic magnet discs are a part of the permanent magnet family, and known as the lowest cost, hard magnets available today. Round disc...  more
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    The standard nickel-plated epoxy neodymium magnets is not enough to withstand outdoor humid conditions, and the magnet materials will be corroded. Users often look for magnetic solutions for outdoor applications. Black epoxy resin coating has a good...  more
  • Chander
    Since ferrite and earthenware magnets are normally alluded to as probably the most grounded and most solid magnets that exist on the planet, I needed to figure out areas of strength for how sorts of magnets truly are.
    ...  more
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    Round Magnet N52 1/2 inch x1/8 inch Small Flat Magnet Disc
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/8-small-flat-magnet-disc.html /> #small #neodymium #magnets

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 1/2" in diameter, 1/8" in thickness, with the...  more
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    Industrial Magnet 1 inch x1/4 inch x1/8 inch Magnetic Plate Thin Magnet Bar
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/8-magnetic-plate-thin-magnet-bar.html /> #thin #magnets

    This powerful neodymium block magnet measures 1" in length, 1/4" in width,...  more
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    Custom Round Car Magnets 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch N52 Super Strong Magnet For Sale
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/4-n52-super-strong-magnet-for-sale.html /> #super #strong #magnets #for #sale

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 3/4" in...  more
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    Generator Permanent Magnet 2/3 inch x1/2 inch x1/4 inch N42 Neodymium Block Magnet Magnetic Plate
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/4-n42-neodymium-block-magnet-magnetic-plate.html /> #neodymium #block #magnets

    This powerful neodymium block...  more
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    Cube Magnet 3/4 inch x1/4 inch x1/4 inch Conveyor Belt Magnet Block
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/4-conveyor-belt-magnet-block.html /> #small #cube #magnets

    This powerful neodymium block magnet measures 3/4" in length, 1/4" in width, and...  more
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    Strong Round Magnet N42 3/8 inch x1/2 inch Disc Magnet Flat Magnets
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/2-disc-magnet-flat-magnets.html /> #flat #magnets

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 3/8" in diameter, 1/2" in thickness, with the...  more
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    Cylinder Magnet N52 3/8”
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/2-custom-circle-magnet-as-photo-magnets.html /> #n52 #neodymium #magnets #for #sale

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 3/8" in diameter, 1/2" in thickness, with the pull...  more
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    Circle Magnet N52 Magnet 1/2 inch x1/16 inch Round Magnets For Sale
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/16-round-magnets-for-sale.html /> #1 #inch #round #magnets

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 1/2" in diameter, 1/16" in...  more
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    Round Magnet N42 1/2 inch x1/16 inch Industrial Magnets For Sale
    https://www.atechmagnet.com/magnetic-materials/16-industrial-magnets-for-sale.html /> #industrial #magnets #for #sale

    This powerful neodymium disc magnet measures 1/2" in diameter, 1/16" in...  more
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    Custom Design Magnets
    https://www.leyuangroup.com/products/custom-design-magnets.html /> #custom #sized #magnets
    Permanent magnets are central components of many electromechanical machines and electronic devices. The choice and use of the magnetic...  more
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    Alnico Magnets
    https://www.leyuangroup.com/products/alnico-magnets/ /> #alnico #pot #magnets
    A high working temperature limit (550°C/1020°F) makes Alnico especially well-suited for sensitive automotive and aircraft sensor applications. Alnico is produced...  more
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    Tube and Grid Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/tube-and-grid-magnets.html />
    #rare #earth #rod #magnets
    The tube and grid magnets are a simple and economical solution of magnetic separation, the magnetic strength is very strong from 2000Gs...  more
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    Rubber Coated Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/rubber-coated-magnets.html /> #rubber #coated #neodymium #magnets
    Rubber coated magnets (also called Plastic coated magnets) are consist of neodymium magnets or pot magnets with a protective...  more
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    Push Pin Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/push-pin-magnets.html /> #neodymium #push #pin #magnets
    Push pin magnets are innovative and wonderful products for home, school, office, warehouse, and other more places, they can hold all kinds of...  more
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    Pot Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/pot-magnets.html />
    #cup #magnets #for #sale
    Pot magnets (also called Cup magnets, Mounting magnets) are consist of magnets encased in a steel cup, the inside magnet can be neodymium, smco, alnico or...  more
  • Hard Magnetic Bonded Compounds
    #bonded #ferrite #magnets
    Compared to rare earth magnetic materials, hard ferrites has obvious cost advantage due to the use of cheap strontium oxide, barium oxide and iron oxide as raw materials. In addition, ferrite has...  more
  • Bonded SmFeN Magnetic Compounds
    #smfen #magnets
    SmFeN magnetic material uses abundant rare-earth Sm element instead of expensive elements of Nd, Dy, Co, etc, and is the most cost-effective rare earth permanent magnetic material. Compared with the bonded...  more
  • Quality Magnetic Products & Solutions
    #hard #and #soft #magnets
    As a new type of magnetic material, bonded magnetic compounds have been widely used in the field of motors, sensors, electromagnetic shielding, etc, and providing a more cost-effective and...  more
  • Pot Magnets with Screw Holes Description
    These pot magnets with screw holes feature threaded holes that enable users to fasten them on walls, wood boards, etc for holding tools. NdFeB(neodymium) magnet is used for the strong force. #magnets #with...  more
  • Product Description
    The NdFeB pot magnet with threaded stud can work like a bolt together with a nut for fastening & holding. In our product the threaded stud and the steel pot are a complete part made by lathe machining and, by producing it this way, it...  more
  • This group of products is mostly found being used in offices as stationery, but it is totally up to users if they want to use them differently.

    There are kinds of decorative magnets for office. The office magnets like memo fridge magnets and round...  more
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    Custom Design Magnets #custom #industrial #magnets Permanent magnets are central components of many electromechanical machines and electronic devices. The choice and use of the magnetic materials will affect the performance, size, and cost of the end...  more
  • leyuangroup
    Alnico Magnets #alnico #pot #magnets A high working temperature limit (550°C/1020°F) makes Alnico especially well-suited for sensitive automotive and aircraft sensor applications. Alnico is produced in many grades to fit the requirements of these...  more