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We All Deserve Some Sparkle In Our Lives So Where's Yours? Quality does Not have to cost more.
Treating yourself or want a special gift? Call Miss Designs. Custom design jewelry, ALL styles & occasions. Even w/heart & soul in every piece, all can afford it. Why a fortune for a piece to be made when We ALL deserve something beautiful unique & special, meant to put a smile in our very hearts & souls. Why settle for 2nd place thinking cost more=worthy when I can save you $ while I feed your smile.
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Your one place for All kinds of beautiful Art inspired pieces. Both wearable and displayable. Pieces of beauty and art, and also memory and feeling from the more simple classic strung jewelry, to handwoven pieces capturing the feel of the stars at night or the rainbows in a fresh new sunny day. Art in each handwoven tapestry made of whatever image you choose, or the unique beauty and draw of each geometric/3D sculpture that's made. Whether you prefer the simple or the intense, the familiar or the uniquely different, every piece is made with a piece of my heart and a bit of my soul, brought in to being in an attempt to hopefully put a smile on your face and a little feeling of joy in your heart. Do you want a more lifelike rendering/portrait of one who means so much to you, or would you prefer me to work my magic to make it in to something truly unique by adding a little abstract spin and bring out the colors hidden within just waiting to finally make themselves known. Wherever your interest May lay Satisfaction IS guaranteed. Free quotes with no obligation till after work has begun, but then all custom orders Will require a partial, upfront, deposit to help discourage non serious buyers from ordering a custom piece that may not be sold easily should the sale not actually be valid, Unless it's due to a valid complaint regarding quality or valid excuse of not being as requested of course. And I apologize about that, but with the work I do tend to put in to what I make, it's protection from me wasting time i really need to be spending towards making Miss Designs into something known and respected. What will it hurt to just see? Not a thing if you do. But if you don't, you never know what you may be missing out on. Your next favourite piece of wearable art, your next piece of the beautifully unique, and most of all, on the something special that could be inspired by that one thing that means the world to you. And all offered in a way that anyone can afford it. Whatever the social standing or educational background, regardless of financial status or career aspirations, and without taking who your circle of friends might be or the people any of you may know into consideration. I just don't see why it should cost one group of people a weeks worth of groceries just to own something that another may purchase with pocket change without blinking an eye. And all just so I can6 get the chance to say "Look how far I've come, and see what it makes me now?" I'd rather keep the passion inside me burning bright as a bonfire, embracing that warmth and joy I get every time I see that sparkle enter someone else's eye as it fills their heart with a smile. A true appreciation for what they are being given, rather than the cookie cutter nod of approval at spending yet more ridiculous sums of money on the next unworthy purchase of the mundane, of the empty pieces made from cold attention to detail for profits sake instead of being filled with the heart and soul of the unknown artist just looking for and trying to embrace that light. Don't miss out on your chance to find that sparkle because of unattainable expectations. Instead, open yourself up to something new and you just very well may be pleasantly surprised at what you end up finding. Don't second guess yourself away from possibly finding what you are meant to all because of the irrational belief that "You get what you pay for so obviously since they are charging less then they can't be worth it." You could miss out on a lot by that incorrect train of thought.

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