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Cineam - Cybercrime is a broad concept and contains many things in it. It basically means the crimes committed by using computers and the Internet. Often it is credit card fraud, threats to anyone, denial of service, and the spread of malicious code.

Some people use your data and credit card on the internet (online shopping). Most of the time, they do not feel this and only know that you get a monthly credit card bill or something. It was quite common a few years ago, but that does not mean that it was gone. It happened today, but it was very rare.

You can easily avoid things by taking care of things. Hackers usually collect information from garbage or garbage. I'm serious about this. Many people do not realize the importance of the revenue or documents received from the bank and, without destroying them, they are put in the garbage. There are many sensitive things in these documents, and if someone receives them, then it is close to hacking your credit card. So do not throw them away without destroying such things and do not share such sensitive information with your close friends.

Then came some threatening. As soon as you can, you know that if you get personal information, you can send them a black email. There is almost no cure for this, because tracking the broken people on the system is very rare in the Internet world. That's why you can only stop someone from entering your personal life, but if someone deceives you, then there is little hope.

Then the malicious code spread. The malicious code is a code that was deliberately written for bad things. There are currently unlimited codes on the internet and you can be a victim of internet browsing at any time. They can be potentially dangerous and can cause unwanted action.

To prevent such things from happening, keep your operating system up-to-date, install and update your anti-virus. Also, do not search for irrelevant sites, and if you're receiving messages from a firewall, antivirus, or web browser, then do not ignore it. Carefully read, and if you say that the risk of malicious software or the site can affect your computer, do not open the site. The same applies to email attachments.

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