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Modafinil was being used by scientists experimenting on how to keep soldiers awake beyond the limits to develop chemically enhanced troops. The most attainable superpower is the ability to go without sleep

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    Modafinil is the most popular smart drug among the students. It has the potential to increase cognitive function, mental alertness and the ability to focus on a specific task. Parents coax their children to use such medications to excel in exams.


We pride on our effort and hard work to offer the costumers with the one of its kind medication like modafinil. We are the pioneer supplier of wakefulness promoting drug in the UK and we strive to deliver the most sough-after medicinal product to our customers which are scarce to procure in other conventional pharmacies.  We are comprised of a group of veteran pharmacists and researchers who involve themselves in the minute details of our business to deliver the most quality tested products to the clientele.

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