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Family & Home 150 views Jun 04, 2018
4 Things Real Estate Agents Never Reveals to Their Clients

People who want to sell their house use to face difficulty in selling it at good price, should prefer to get some good advice before taking the major financial decisions of their lives. But make sure whenever you consult the real estate agents they will definitely hide some important things from you related to value of your property. Actually there are times when house rates are spiked but real estate agents just don’t tell you know about this and will sell your house at low rates by earning lots of commission. So in that case you should be very careful while buying and selling the house. Here in this article we are discussing some very important factors that you should prefer to consider while buying and selling homes that most of the real estate agents will never ever tell you:


Your Home is Not an Investment.


First thing that you should know while buying a home is that its not an investment for you its actually a place where you have to live. As we all know high home ownership rates will definitely effect the overall economy that in return encourage people to opt for home financing loans and equity lending options and, spend more than by average consumer. All these economic trends are useful for giant companies just like Disney and Home Depot. So you should prefer to confirm the market rates before buying the home otherwise you could end up paying high for the property.


Commissions are Negotiable:


Another thing that agents will never tell you is that their commissions are actually negotiable. Some agents usually charge specific percentage of the total sale price, while others use to charge a flat fee. Agents will offer you different services based on the commission they are getting. So its better if you ask them different questions about the selling, getting epc Londontesting certificate and marketing process which they will adopt for selling your house. And try to negotiate with them on price issues.


Agreements are for 6 Months: 


Another thing that real estate agent won’t tell you is that agreements you have signed with them are liable for only 6 months so in that case you only have to pay them commission if you buy the house within that time of period otherwise you are not liable to pay then any single penny. Always keep in mind that you have to pay a commission even if you walk in the builder’s office and later buy home buy yourself. For this you should prefer to read the agreement and set the clause of agreement by reducing time period of the contract.


Open Houses Benefit the Agent:


Another thing that agents will never tell you is that only they will get benefit from the open houses not you. for earning this profit agents will meet the potential buyers, who could be not interested in buying your house at all but they could become a  potential buyer customers of other houses that agent knows about. Always keep in mind that there could be a risk of stealing valuables when these people came inside your home. So you should be very careful about whom you give keys of your house.

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