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Family & Home 139 views May 12, 2018
How to Avoid Electric hazard or Break Down in Bathrooms

Water and electricity is not the right or safe combination. You do not put electrical appliances near a water source because it is a hazardous pairing. If you are not careful with the electric wiring and appliances then you will be risking electrocution. When your body is wet it reduces its resistance to electricity and the risk of electric shock is increased.

The bathroom is supposed to be a comfortable place but if you are not comfortable then it can be a pretty dangerous place. Here are a few tips that will prevent an electric breakdown or a hazard in the bathroom.

The Light Fittings:

Lighting is an important part of the bathroom because without the lights the bathroom is not functional. You need to make sure that there is no loose wiring. There is no specific law about the lighting but you have to make sure that they are from a safe distance from water. It is better to use enclosed units instead of pendants especially near the shower so that there is no chance of the lighting coming in contact with the water. If you are installing spotlight in the bath or shower then you should make sure that you fit a fire hood and enclose it so that you can prevent the spread of fire. You can get an electrical safety certificate and you will know whether the electrical system is safe or not.

The Plug Sockets:

There are electrical appliances like hair dryers that are an important part of the bathroom. To plug these things you will need sockets in the bathroom. But sockets should not be near the sinks or the shower or bathtub because the water can get in. If you are going to install sockets in the bathroom then you should get the ones that are specially designed. The sockets should be a safe distance from the water source and use socket covers just to be extra safe.

Electrical Appliances:

Putting the electrical appliances in the bathroom is not a good idea. You should keep the hairdryers and hair curlers in the bedroom or the dressing room. They should never be near any water source. If you keep the electrical appliances in the bathroom then the condensation can find its way into the appliance and cause serious electric shock. Bringing the electrical appliance in the bathroom using an extension cord is also a bad idea.

Electric Showers:

If you use electric shower then make sure that the power supply of the shower is on its own circuit. It should lead directly from the fuse box and protected by RCD.