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Family & Home 131 views Oct 12, 2017
Tips for Adding Seasonal Touches to The Bedroom

The bedroom is without any doubt the most important part of the house. It is not just a place where a person sleeps. The bedroom is a safe sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy reading a book or hand out with friends. A place where you are spending so much time on daily basis should be comfortable and beautiful. The surroundings can have a huge impact on the mood of a person. Changing the décor and using bedding items like duvet, pillow or mattress protector double will help in keeping the room fresh and clean.


You can make seasonal changes to the décor of the bedroom. It will help in creating the mood that is in sync with the outer environment and keep the bedroom interesting and unique.


Here are some ideas that can offer you some inspiration to make the bedroom look perfect and feel comfortable tips for adding seasonal touches to the bedroom.


The freshness of spring:


Spring is the season of rebirth and fresh colors. It is a perfect time to brighten up the room with cheery colors. Change the bedding and combine colors that will bring a breath of fresh air into the room. A fresh coat of paint is an affordable redecorating idea. You can change the paint color to the lighter hues of yellow, blue or pastel pink as they represent the spirit of spring in an excellent way. When you think of spring the first thing that pops into your head is flowers so why not incorporate them in the décor of the bedroom. You can use plain bed sheet and make them unique by adding floral duvets or pillows with floral prints. It will add freshness to the room.


Change the window coverings and use the ones that allow light and fresh air to enter the room. Bring the nature inside by putting a vase of flowers by the bed.


The warmth of summer:


Summer is the season of bright colors and light fabrics. In summer you should switch the curtains from heavy fabric to the light drapes. You do not want too much sunlight to enter the room in summer as it will make the room too hot for your comfort. You can add little splash of colors with the help of rugs, wall décor and accent pillows. Change the bedding as well as you will not need the cozy fabrics and colors. The colors like green and blue are better color choice for the bedding.


Adding a fall touch:


The best color range for autumn is shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. These colors are perfect for depicting the fall season. You can create the fall environment in the bedroom by adding small accessories like scented candles like cinnamon, pumpkin spice or apple cider scented candles. Incorporate these colors to the bedding items as well. Swap the fresh flowers for pine cones or fall leaves.


Cozying up for winter:


Add warmth to the bedroom by swapping the light fabrics for heavy materials. Change the curtains and the bedding. Color like grey, black, white and shades of blue are perfect choice for creating a wintry atmosphere. If you have a fireplace you should clean it and prepare it for the winter season.

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