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Family & Home 343 views Apr 20, 2017
How To Determine Which Duvet Is Best For You

If you’re looking to determine which duvet is best for you, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss some useful tips that might help you in the midst of selecting a perfect down duvet set for yourself.


Duvet Types


There are several types of duvets available in the market these days. Frankly speaking, it would be good for you to invest more money to get yourself a high quality one so that you can use it for the long term. When you say good quality down duvets, they are usually made by using baffles to hem in the sections of down within the comforters so that the down will not shift from one section to another. Here the thing to remember is that good comforters will not be flattened easily.


Generally, the down duvets are categorized into two major groups, i.e. the sewn-through stitching and the baffle box construction. When it comes to the cost of getting the sewn-through stitching, it is usually less than baffle-box design. However, you need to evaluate different duvets based on your needs and know the special features of them.


Tog Rating


Now the next thing is to find out your sleeping warmth level. Are you a hot sleeper or do you feel cold easily? You need to keep in mind that the more down you have in the comforter, the warmer it is. Hence, you are reminded to choose the comforter carefully by taking the fill power into serious consideration. For your information, the warmth and fluffiness of the duvet depend much on its filler count. You are reminded to find a comforter set which comes with the high filler count. At the same time, you should take note that high thread count is not an indication of quality in a down comforter. When you see the term 'TC’ or ‘thread count' in the product's label, this means the number of threads per square inch. Some covers come with 100 TCs while others can have more than 1000 TCs. If you want a soft cover for your bedding, something that is very comfortable, just go for higher thread count such as 13.5 tog double duvet. The higher the thread count, the softer the duvet cover will be. If you want a good quality cover, a 300 thread count is fine.


Duvet Closures


Try to make sure that the closures are of high quality. For instance, the zippers must be sturdy and buttons should be sewn firmly. In this way, you can easily remove it from the bedding and wash it easily. And if you put it in the washer, you don’t need to worry about the buttons becoming loose and the zipper getting stuck.


Duvet Size


Moreover, you need to discover the size of the duvet. If you really want to get the right size, you ought to determine the actual dimensions of your bed. I have seen people who want a king sized comforters with queen sized beds. Actually, they like bigger comforters so that they can have fuller drop around their beds.