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Family & Home 372 views Jun 04, 2018
How to Make Your Very Own Pillows

There are so many different types of pillows that we use on our beds, or maybe even on the couch. They all have different purposes as well, whether it is a throw pillow or an accent pillow. We use them to make our living areas more cosy and comfortable not to mention how it makes us feel, whether we are watching a scary movie or even just in need of a ‘cuddle bug’ in the night, we usually use pillows and blankets to feel safer and it helps serve its purposes to also support our neck and body during the night.


MaterialsUsed For Bed Linen

These are known fillings such as wool, cotton and polyester. These materials help make the pillow softer and much calmer to lay our heads in. The outer material can be used as anything if the stuffing is enough to make it fluffier and softer. Some may even use old clothes and stuff those into the ‘pillow’ to give us that comfortable feeling on our heads at night.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Sometimes, it is expensive to buy pillows from the retail shops and when that happens you can learn to make your own pillow. It helps to have a few things with you to make a pillow. In addition, you can also make a few pillow cases with your own t-shirts so that you won’t really need to spend a whole lot of money unnecessarily.

Essentials Things You May Need To Use

The things you need to make your own pillow is fabric, stuffing and a sewing kit. Placing the two pieces of fabric on a flat surface and sew all the ends together leaving a little bit of room for you to put the stuffing inside. Once you put the stuffing’s inside you can sew up the rest of the edges of the pillow and seal it up.

Things You Need For the Covering

A pillow does need a cover and so making a cover is quite simple, as I said you may take an old t-shirt and cut up the sleeves after cutting the sleeves, simply cut strips of the t-shirt once you do that you can simply put the pillow in between the two pieces of fabric and start knotting the strips together to secure the pillow in place. Do all the sides and you will end up with a perfect casing for your pillow.

Clothes Stuffing Or Filling?

Some people believe it to be more inexpensive to have their own pillows done and made so that they save more. It is easier to make for some to make it using polyester and other stuffing to keep it fluffy, especially the people who cannot afford to spend money on themselves. But, if there were extra material laying around the house or old clothes you don’t use, many can try to use it to stuff their pillows as well.


The End Results

Whether you choose to stuff your pillows with clothes or even fillings, both tend to feel and give us the same result, and so it has a good effect allowing us to rest through the night without any disturbance.

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