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Business 1,116 views Feb 26, 2018
Tips for More Organized Packing Every Time You Move

If you are practically an unofficial nomad/gypsy, then moving is probably second nature to you by now. However, that does not mean you cannot use an extra helping hand or piece of advice to make it easier next time around. For those of you who have never really bothered looking into packing correctly because it may not have seemed important enough, this article will be useful since it more or less consolidates all the main points you need to know. So below, you will find some handy tips to help with more organized packing for a more efficient process as well.

Sort Out Your Stuff

The first order of affairs is to get your belongings in order. How will you possibly know what you need to pack if you do not know what you even have in the first place? Get all your stuff out and segregate them accordingly, and then decide which of these you want to keep and which you want to give away. Mind you, you should not pull all your rooms out at the same time it will drive you slightly insane. Work with one room at a time, preferably the one you use the least. Why bother moving stuff you will not use anyway?


This might sound ridiculous to you if you are the sort of person who tends to pile up everything in one heap anyway, but before you figure out how many postage boxes you need, you have to categorize all your stuff. What goes where? How much of each category do you have? So for example, your categories could be clothes, shoes, jewellery or cutlery. This will give you a realistic idea of what you are working with here.

Stock Up On Packing Supplies

Do not wait till the day before you move to hunt up packing supplies and bring them home. You should ideally begin your packing weeks in advance, which means that your packing supplies too need to be at the ready. You should also find out exactly what it is you need. You might perhaps have some packing supplies left over from the last time you moved, so pull them out as well, and see where it is you are lacking. Get the right boxes, in-fill and sealing materials, so you can be sure that your belongings will be safe, especially if you travelling over long distances.

Set Everything Out

Once you begin pulling everything out, do not leave them in a heap in different corners of the room. Set them apart and divide them accordingly. You can then work your way through each of the piles systematically over the weeks. This will also keep you saner than when having to rummage your way through them, especially when you are trying to look for something in a hurry. If you have kids, this is especially useful since you can clearly identify what is what, and have their items packed accordingly as well. At the end of the day, everybody is happy!

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