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Shopping 736 views Aug 31, 2017
How to Find the Right Blanket for Your Horse

If you are looking for something to help your equine stay warm and toasty during cooler months, you should invest in a blanket. This will provide just enough coverage and insulation to keep the horse comfortable when outside. Now, there a lot of types and sizes to choose from. To make certain that you make the right decision, here are some of the pointers that you can rely on during your shopping expedition:

Image Source:Pexels

Determine What Your Equine Needs

Each horse is different and will require their own type of blanket. The main thing to consider is if your equine is clipped or if they have their own coat. Typically, when the temperatures begin to dip, an equine’s coat becomes thicker to help them accommodate to this weather. With clipped animals, however, the coat may not be thick enough. Therefore, a clipped equine is going to require a great deal more protection than one that is not.

Get the Right Measurements

A blanket that doesn’t fit well is going to be of little use to your equine. This is why measuring them is key to finding a good fit. You should use a cloth or flexible measuring tape for this purpose. You are also probably going to require the help of someone else. Now, place the tape at the middle of the animals’ chest. Then, continue to note the length until you reach the middle of the tail. To ensure that you are making an accurate measurement, the tape should be held completely straight. To get a proper match, it is best to look at Caribu horse rugs as they tend to have a wide selection of sizes.

Decide on a Weight

The blankets either have no fill or varying degrees of fill within them. This is what forms an insulated layer around your equine. They may consist either of Polyfill or Fibrefill. The blankets with no or minimal fill are tagged as Light while the ones with the greatest amounts are labelled Heavy. Medium falls somewhere in the middle. To determine just how warm the blanket is, you can consult the weight. This is because in this instance, the weight will have a direct correlation with the level of warmth provided.

Consider Durability

You are going to need the blanket to be relatively strong so that it will not tear. Just how tough you need it to be largely depends on your equine and how rambunctious it is. Of course, the more durable the rug, the longer you can use it for. So, how can you figure out the strength of a blanket? Well, most people look to deniers but this is misleading as it actually denotes weight rather than strength. What you should be looking at is the material used in tandem with the denier. Therefore, a tougher material like nylon would be significantly stronger than cotton, even if cotton had the higher denier.

This is what you will need to think about when buying a horse blanket. This will ensure that you will get the right fit, warmth, and durability that is right for your equine.