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Difference Between In Ground and Above Ground Pool

Deciding if to go with an in ground or above ground pool can be difficult, as each of it has its pros and cons. But it is necessary to thoroughly go through them before coming into a decision, as building a pool is a long-term investment. There are a few important things you need to keep in mind throughout the entire process, these being the budget and the location of where your home is situated.

Installing a pool can be particularly advantageous if you live in a hot climate, it can give your home a more luxurious look and also add value to it.  A pool can be used for many things; it can be used for entertainment purposes, exercise or just to relax.


In Ground Pool

The name of it makes the meaning quite obvious; it means that the pool is built into the ground. There are many types of in ground pools; these include concrete (gunite), Vinyl and fiberglass.


Concrete and Fiberglass

Fiberglass comes with a lot of advantages; these include a smooth finish, fast installation, high tensile strength, low chemical usage and easy maintenance due to the soft surface it provides. A concrete floor is ideal when it comes to design and patterns. It offers a variety of different options, and also gives you the luxury of getting a custom made pool with any desired shape and size, whereas fiberglass pools lack in this department. Concrete floors can be difficult on your skin unlike fiberglass floors that provide a smooth surface.

 A fiberglass pool is more expensive that a concrete pool, but if you get a custom made concrete pool then it is more likely to be more expensive than a fiberglass pool.



Vinyl pools too have a range of shape and size potentials. It has come up with new developments by partnering up with technology advancements like Structural armour, allowing the vinyl surface to last a lifetime.  In today’s day there is a much thicker vinyl lining and the UV protection is much better. Compared to fiberglass and concrete pools vinyl pools are more expensive.


Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are inexpensive and yet come fully equipped with all the required features. If you are highly concerned with safety then this is the best option to go for, this is because since the pool is above ground, it is hard for any accidents to occur; such as kids or pets falling in.

 In ground pools take around 3 months to install where as an above ground pool can be installed quickly as it will take only a few days to clear the location of where the pool is needed, then erect the pool and install the liner leaving it to be filled with water.

 If you do plan on investing in an above ground pool, then the best place to look into is above ground pools Melbourne, which includes a company called Seaspray pools that specializes in all sorts of different pool types and designs.

 After carefully going through the information we have mentioned above, you will find that it provides you knowledge with the safety, the installation, the features and the cost of an in ground pool and above ground pool. Therefore it is up to you to take this information to account and compare it with your location, taste and budget, and invest wisely.