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Entrepreneurship 745 views Jul 24, 2017
Getting Your Diploma in Building Services in Australia

Australia is currently a great place for students both domestic and international to think about pursuing their higher education. It combines an excellent variety ofsubjects with a high standard of academic learning along with qualifications that are recognized on a global level.
This article focuses on what Australia offers in terms of academic programs for building services, specifically diplomas. Here are a few of the most recommended institutions for students to get a firm foundation in building and construction.

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In taking up this course you will be able to learn the key aspects involved in any construction project: management of funds, resources, infrastructure, and government regulations. As a student you will be required to find work for yourself in the industry in order to experience it first-hand. The skill set technical knowhow you will gain here is mostly based on what is required for low or medium rise building construction.
TAFE also offers a course that is focused purely on building design. Where there are experiences included on the field, this aspect of building construction is based primarily in the office. The course will provide a foundation of designing buildings that using 2D and 3D CAD software as well as upholding social and environmentally friendly standards. It is ideal for those who enjoy applying creativity and design concepts to the building industry.

2. Hunter TAFE

This course is structured mainly around architecture and design. You will learn theories as well as how to apply them which will help you develop competency in drafting architectural designs, modelling building information as well as Computer-Aided design technology or CAD. The skills you acquire can be applied to buildings ranging from residential housing to commercial and industrial buildings.

The course also stresses the importance of awareness regarding the environment and that it is strongly backed by ethical principles on building construction.

The course material is highly focused on CAD technology, graphic design as well as drawing and sketches. Students who study this course will find suitable projects with dining establishments, industrial buildings, warehouses, offices, guest houses etc.

3. Melbourne Polytechnic

If you are in Australia and looking for good building courses Melbourne also hosts a good option. Melbourne Polytechnic exposes student to ground breaking technology under the guidance of highly qualified teachers.

You will learn the art of building management and ways of minimising risks, delivering at a high standard of quality and doing an impressive job overall for both clients and your company. You will be adequately trained for careers as a site manager, building estimator, building planner, coordinator and supervisor.

The course itself is approved by the Housing Industry Association, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), and the Master Builders Association of Victoria.

As shown, Australia has no shortage of high quality education facilities for students who are keen on the building and construction industry for their future careers. As a student, you have access to a top quality diploma on both sides of the island continent.