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Intention & Manifestation 35 views Aug 14, 2018
Flying Liu Xiang comes back in Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games
Flying Liu Xiang created the tour quảng châu từ hà nội world record in Hurdle as an Asian for the first time. Since then, more and more people pay much attention to him He quit in the Peking 2008 Olympic Games, but all the friends and fans still support him. Can he create the new world record in the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games?

Arriving at Guangzhou one week before competition

Men's 110-meter preliminaries will be held on Nov. 22 at 6 o'clock. According to the usual practice, Liu Xiang and his couch would arrive at the field two or three days before the competition. But this time, they rushed to Guangzhou field with big Backpack Bag one week in advance, which shows the importance of the gold medal of the Asian Games for them. In the previous interview, the team said that the reason why Liu Xiang arrived in Guangzhou a week in advance is hope this is foolproof.

Pressure under the Asian Games

The Guangzhou Asian Games is the first game for Liu Xiang, since Shanghai Diamond ky nghi dong duong League in May. After the adjustment as long as six months, Liu Xiang re-plays on behalf of China in the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games. They would inevitability bear some pressure. In Training base, officials of China Athletics Administrative Center watched Liu Xiang's du lịch quảng châu giá rẻ training and told Liu, "Do not carry too much pressure, do not think too much, just show what you are ." However, Liu Xiang, get used to pressure, said "I do not have much pressure, I am out of danger, my main couch bears great pressure."

On November 17th, Liu Xiang received the Interview of the Medias in Ersha Island training base in Guangzhou. ?Liu once said,? self-confidence is based on the strength. This afternoon, when Liu Xiang talked about the Asian Games, he recovered confidence like before. "I really haven?t pressure, my couch bears the great pressure, and I am out of danger. This is the third time for me to take part in the Asian Games, so I haven?t much pressure. Of course, I have different feeling in the three Asian Games. For the first time, I am younger; for the second time, I'm in peak condition. This time, I should also be good at 27 years old. I think I can reach the achievement as before.?So we can see he would call his friends and parents with his Bar Phone.

Strategies in the Asian games

After a period of high quality of training, Liu Xiang is complacent for the coming Asian Games. On the target of the Games, Liu Xiang modifies his strategy a little bit. He intended to fight in the Asian Games before. But recently, his aim is mainly to win the gold medal in this Asian Games, he said,? I won?t strive the best result with full efforts, I would create the new world records after fully recovery? Even when the journalist asked him, "When would be considered as the complete rehabilitation? ?," It would account as fully recovery at that time, when I can run within the first three fastest, when I can break the world record once again.? He still frankly stated.

In fact, Liu Xiang began the adaptive training in that afternoon when he arrived in Guangzhou. This afternoon, his main training is strength of the hip and 150-meter sprint training. Although there are news about Liu Xiang's foot injury and some bad reaction, these reactions are within the normal range, "it is not a problem, and I should be able to overcome it in the competition." before arriving at Guangzhou , Liu Xiang has experienced ?a certain extent of Strength training, which lead him a little tired. He listens music with his Bluetooth relax. ?"I got trained much in Shanghai and a little tired, I came here just to keep adjusting, I hope to keep in a good state in the competition.?