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Technology 12,145 views Mar 30, 2017

Artificial intelligence is the study in which computer systems, that act like people are made. It’s the art of creating systems that perform functions that requires intelligence when performed by people. In addition, it refers to the branch of computer science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behavior. According to Winston (1992) artificial intelligence is the study of computations that make it possible to act perceive and even reason. Artificial intelligence is divided into three various types namely artificial narrow intelligence which is sometimes referred to as weak Artificial Intelligence, general intelligence, and artificial super intelligence. This paper will look at the possibility of artificial intelligence surpassing humans’ knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence will not take a place of The Human

 In Knowledge representation machines can still not represent properties, categories, objects and the relations between this objects, situations and states of time which humans do. Machines and computers do not have the ability to think unexpectedly when they are faced with peculiar situations. Humans have that ability to think unexpectedly (Russell, Norviq $ Davis, 2010). Humans also have the ability to think of the very original ideas while these machines only thinks of ideas written in its memory by the engineers.

Machines also lack the ability to plan about the future and they can also not foresee the outcomes they have made. Human on the other side have the ability to plan about the future, and they also have the ability to foresee the outcomes of their plans. The current artificial intelligence can only generate a plan by first analyzing the situation by going through all the plans already in its memory hence it cannot come up with anything that is original.

In addition, human brains also have emotions and feelings senses making them be able to free their minds since that ability is within their brains. This makes them wiser and smarter with their thoughts. Machines on the other hand do not have emotions and feelings therefore cannot react on certain issues arising up example a machine will not detect it’s rained on and take the necessary protective actions. The machine will wear out rapidly and will not be able to do what it was meant to do. Humans can detect something going to interfere with them and hence take precautions to avoid such thus are able to live longer to continue providing their services

Artificial Intelligence will take a place of The Human

However depending on the type of artificial intelligence under study, for instance when we take the weak artificial intelligence to study, artificial intelligence will take place of the human brains decades to come

Even though artificial intelligence is created by man, I strongly believe it can surpass the humans. Human brain has the capacity of storing almost every data they come across, the greatest challenge is on how to retrieve those particular stored data .on the other hand, machines such as the computers has the ability to store millions of data and also retrieves that particular data in seconds (Haq, 2015).

In weak artificial type, artificial intelligence only specifies in one area of study an example is the Deep Blue which is a computer program developed IBM. On May 11, 1997, deep blue machine, won the second six-game match against Garry Kasparov, who was the world champion then two to one and  three draws yet he had  beaten a previous version of Deep Blue in  1999. its evidently true that with time it will be the best chess playing  machine and no human would defeat it

Machines also do not require time to sleep or rest. They also don’t get ill hence they do not die they therefore do not require breaks thus they can work all the 24 hours a day, all the 7days a week and all the 12 months a year. On the other hand human beings require time to rest and they also can die. It’s true that as human tend to grow older, their brain intelligence naturally becomes lower which is not a case with the machine


Although certain artificial intelligence machines can already complete many tasks performed by humans, I think they can still not surpass the human brain due to their lack of originality in ideas, humans still have to think for them and thereafter store these thoughts (programs to perform various intelligent tasks) in their memories to guide and direct them.


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