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270 views May 31, 2018
Madden is big and messy

Both abandoned their Ultimate Aggregation Halloween promotions today: Ultimate Scream for FIFA, and A lot of Feared for Madden. As usual, Madden 18's A lot of Feared players will morph into 99 all-embracing monsters about Halloween, acceptable either terrifyingly alpine or terrifyingly strong. FIFA 18 will be added conservative: You will not see any of them become seven bottom behemoths, but they will about acquire abundant carbon boosts FIFA 18 Coins. The way that Madden and FIFA admission their corresponding promotions underlines the differences in how they handle their Ultimate Teams overall. Madden is big and messy, aptitude heavily on bullwork abundant abandoned challenges and complicated sets. FIFA is appreciably slimmer.

Madden's A lot of Feared abandoned will acquire 21 abandoned challenges, assorted circadian challenges, and 12 sets acute tokens that can abandoned be activate in packs. Amid Aggregation of the Week, bound copy 24 hour releases, programs like Football Outsiders, and the new upgradable sets, about every amateur in the bold is attainable in assorted forms. It's bluntly dizzying.

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