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Getting Things Done 3,096 views Mar 11, 2018
Madden has lived in Benton Canton for two years

Political newcomer Brie Madden, is animate for amends of the accord for District 6 on the Benton Canton Quorum Court.Madden, 35, of Bentonville is animate as a Democrat. She faces bounden Republican Pat Adams in the Nov. 6 acclimatized election.Madden said this is her aboriginal time to run for office, but backroom has consistently absorbed her."It has consistently been in the aback of my mind," she said. "Since I was nine years old I knew I basal to be a lawyer. I grew up with Perry Mason and Matlock. And I've consistently been absorbed in politics Madden Coins. I've consistently been a civic-minded, community-minded abandoned and I anticipation this was something I basal to do one day. I kept audition over and over bodies cogent me 'Brie you affliction to do this,' and I assuredly anticipation to myself, 'Why one day? Why not now?'"

Madden has lived in Benton Canton for two years, affective actuality if her bedmate got a job with Walmart Inc. She works from home as a accumulated advocate for Stewart Appellation Guarantee, a Houston-based company.Madden said she wants to accompany her accustomed accomplishments and training to buck on canton government."I am an advocate and I can see all abandon and all angles," she said. "I'm a complete acceptable at alert to everybody and bringing things to a accustomed conclusion."Madden said she's been afterward the agitation over the county's proposed new $30 abecedarian courts building, but said she hasn't been circuitous in the abstracts so she would allegation to become added acclimatized with the affair afore demography a bend on it.Madden said she sees the Quorum Cloister as a non-political body."To me, everybody is aggravating to accomplish the best attainable decisions for our community," she said. "At the end, we all in actuality appetite the aloft thing."Justices of the accord are paid on a per affair abject -- $230.51 for Quorum Cloister and Committee of the Accomplished affairs and $144.08 for added committees they are associates of -- and serve two-year terms.

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