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Technology 788 views May 31, 2017
Base64 decode and encode online

What is Base64?

Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation.

For example:

Ali Nawaz (text input)

QWxpIE5hd2F6 (Base64 Encoded output)

Working of Base64 Encoder and Decoder:

Base64 is two way encryption methodologies; it encrypts data into binary text as well as decrypts data to its original value. Base64 Decode encodes/decodes string content, content from given URL and any file or image etc. It is very helpful to hide original data on a server.

How to get Base64 Encoder and Decoder online?

There are many websites in the market of technology that provide you the service of Base64 Encoder and Decoder online. Here, we are introducing to you such a website which will provide you superior service with excellent output. Responsivechecker is one of the website in the market that gives you desired result and will make you happy. This website has many online tools including Base64 Encoder and Decoder. All online tools working with their excellent performance. In this blog, we are explaining you the usage of Base64 Encoder and Decoder.

Usage of Base64 Encoder and Decoder online:

As we have introduced to you a website on which you fill find Base64 Encoder and Decoder online tool. Now we are showing you the method to get it properly. You must follow the instructions that are given below:

Go to the URL and approach to the main navigation bar

Roll over the mouse on the button ONLINE TOOLS; by this act you will see a menu with different categories including ENCODERS AND DECODERS.

Again roll over the mouse on ENCODERS AND DECODERS button you will find another menu card with online tool BASE64 ENCODER AND DECODER, now just click on it, in this manner you will get this online tool properly. It is time to try it now!

Below we are showing you further method to use Base64 Encoder and Decoder for specific terms.


  1. Base64 Encoder and Decoder online for text input:

On the page of Base64 Encoder and Decoder online tool you will find three different text field, each of them is specific for their input, as first one text field is for text input, just enter the text in the text field and press the button ENCODE STRING. This tool will also decode the given text into its original value by your command as the button of DECODE STRING is also given below the text field. Another thing which is important to define here is the check box below the text field, if you’re input text is too long then you must have the tick on check box. In that manner you’re encoded string will download in a file.

  1. Base64 Encoder and Decoder online for any file (image, text and zip):

This is second one text will which is specifically created for any file, as image file, text file, zip file or any other file. The usage of this Encoder/Decoder is so simple. The option of CHOOSE FILE is given in the text field, just choose the file and press the button ENCODE FILE, you must have to tick on the check box and your file will be downloaded in non readable content, you can also decode this non readable file into the original file by pressing the button DECODE FILE.

  1. Base64 Encoder and Decoder online for URL content:

The third one text field is for URL content. Just enter the URL in the text field tick on the check box which is given below to the text field and click on the button ENCODE URL CONTENT, by doing this activity the binary text of your URL content will download in file. You could also decode the file of binary text of URL content into the original URL content of web page by clicking on the given button DECODE URL CONTENT.

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