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28,815 views Jul 03, 2017
How to advoid cheating in the exam?


Cheating in the exam is a very common questions to the world,it seems that students had learned to cheat when there was a exam.While cheat sheets are still used,students now are increasingly turning to more technological means to cheat in the exam since the technology is developing rapidly,such as the spy earpiece,MP3 player,surfing the internet,using telephone to ask friends,etc.

We can see that more electronic devices are used to cheat in the examination.To deal with these cheat devices,the high power jammer which can block the cell phone signals,wireless signals can be taken as a effective tool.Now in China the jammers which can jam wide frequencies with the wide jamming radius have been used in the important regular examination to avoid students cheating in the exam.The products as follows is one of the models.

8 Bands GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Desktop  Jammer  All Frequencies Powful Jamming Devices Adjustable

In conclusion,with the high power blockers,many electronic cheat devices is useless in the exam except the old methods like cheat sheets.


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  • 19 Dec 2016
    Many people use the alarm security system in home now to prevent the theft and protect their property.It is helpful that the system can warn you when the burglaries break into your house or give a threat to the thiefs when the alarm bell rang.The thiefs will be scared when the bell is ringing because they are afraid of the neighbors or the masters of the house finding what they are doing.Thus they will get away quickly and usually would not steal your house anymore. Since the alarm system has been widel used in many families,the way to make the bell disable has came out and used by many thiefs-that is the jammer. Tough thiefs mainly use the wire cutters because now the wired security systems are the majority of the home alarm market which is much easier to destroyed by the little wire cutters.So no doubt that the wire cutter still will be the most common and popular tool used by burglars. But nowadays many new technologies have been used in the home security systems,one of them is cellular alarm system which use the cellular signals.As a result, the cell phone jammer can influence the system,and it can be the tool of the thiefs to against the system because it use the same frequencies of cell phone. Everything has the weakness,so as the jammer.The cell phone blocker has a effective jamming radius, out of which it cannot work.So if you put the panel of the security system out of the radius more likely away from the doors and windows, the blocker would become useless.  
    246 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 21 Dec 2016
      Why some people use the WIFI jammer?What can it used for?Due to the threat of indoor tracking and the hacker's stealing the private data,some one who thinks he is in the potential danger use the wireless signals jamming device as a tool to protect himself from spying.I think this is unblamable altough the federal law prohibits the operation,marketing,or sale of any type of jamming equipment according to the FCC rules.Because the WIFI jammer is used in the house of 'somebody' and that would not influence the others because of the limit jamming radius and the disability of crossing through the thick wall of the blocker. But thing will be actually changed if the jammer is used for a crime tool which I think it's the reason why the FCC prohibits the jammers. For example,a large hotel chain was discovered to be intentionally interfering with the use of Wi-Fi hotspots.The wireless signal jammer was utilized to block the establishment of a WIFI hotspot of cell phone,resulting in an increase in paid WIFI revenue of the hotel.Obviously,it is illegal because of the bad influence to the customers.The same as the situation,you should be assured that no one gets the bad thing before you use a WIFI jammer which is the base rule of the usage.  
    184 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 25 Mar 2017
      Mobile phones are generally not allowed in prison because this can lead to some dangerous plans that can be made after using this communication device. But some prisoners managed to smuggle the phone in a prison by ingenious means, but smarter people now can help check out these unwanted communications.When a prisoner gets a cell phone, they can send and receive information through a series of devices on the phone; these are phone, text, social media, email and the Internet. Now that we have a variety of facilities to check the use of mobile phones in prison cells, one of the best ways to control the illegal communication between prisoners and the outside world is to use cell phone jammers. These Jammers are effective in helping to control any unnecessary data transmission across the prison boundaries. The special ability of prison mobile jammers is that they only allow specific mobile phones to work in prisons, which are pre-determined by the prison authorities. Prisoners can not use mobile phones that are smuggled in their cells by illegal means because the prison phone jammers prohibit the mode of operation of all unauthorized mobile phones in a particular area of the prison. Many prisons are now adapting to this new technology. This will benefit the prison authorities and better keep the prisoners. When the thorough inspection, the mechanism used by mobile phone jitter is not very complicated. The main part of this device is called part of the communication control hardware. Upon activation, the hardware immediately restricts or prohibits communication through the cellular telephone within a certain range of the prison. The prison authorities can then determine which numbers or numbers are allowed to access and separate legal phones with smuggling. These cell phone jammers are being monitored by authorities. The mobile phone Jammers are placed in different buildings, and they communicate with each other through the controller local area network (CAN). CAN is very effective in maintaining communication protocols. The entire system manager controls it from the central base station. These controllers perform many different functions simultaneously, including detecting, scanning the network, warning the authorities and interfering with the phone. Mobile jammers are used in a variety of locations, including prisons, detention centers and military bases, where communications with the outside world are illegal and may cause serious damage to their security systems. Equipment with 2G, 3G and CDMA contraband devices can use high power jammers and are located in very short periods of time. This provides a simple solution for some related issues. It has recently been suggested that these facilities find a place in various other areas to improve the defense mechanism.
    178 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 09 Jan 2017
      In the wireless router test we know, Wi-Fi signal strength will have a direct impact on the network transmission rate. If the signal quality is too poor. Then the most intuitive feeling is slow speed network and cards. In fact,the strength of  your Wi-Fi signal not only relates to the hot spots (AP or wireless router) itself, but also subject to other factorsSo we list some factors that affect wireless coverage to see if it can help you solve the trouble. The distance is too far We know that the wireless router has a certain range of coverage, the farther the equipment away from the router ,the poorer the signal quality is , so when the Internet in the best coverage of the wireless router,it will usually have a better signal quality. Interference around the signal Now most of the wireless router operating frequency is 2.4GHz, and now wireless routers are very popular, so we often found around more than two wireless hot spots. However, there are many products in this band, such as wireless keyboard and mouse and microwave oven, and 2.4GHz has only 3 channels that do not overlap, so it’s very susceptible to interference, resulting in low signal quality, the slow network transmission rate. And some wifi jammer can blocker the signal,if there is a wifi signal blocker nearby,the router cannot work. Indoor pattern is complex, the wall is too thick Wireless router coverage is ideal in the absence of obstacles to test out. But the actual use, Wi-Fi signal through the load-bearing walls, glass or water when the signal will cause a significant attenuation, and the higher the attenuation the more obvious the frequency, that is 5GHz signal through wall capability weaker than 2.4GHz , If there are multiple rooms and more solid wall real thick, wireless signal reduced by half or even more than two-thirds is normal. This situation either consider the way through the pull cable to connect a wireless AP or wireless router, you can also use the power function with the AP cat. The gain of the antenna is low Antenna is divided into two kinds of directional and omni-directional, the router is used on the omnidirectional antenna. Other devices like 4g blocker also use the antenna.Early wireless router is equipped with a basic gain of 2dbi antenna, and now the basic wireless router is equipped with two or three of the 5dbi antenna, so the signal coverage and effectiveness have increase.
    157 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 22 Apr 2017
      Recently, in Chengdu, China Shuangliu International Airport suffered a total of four "black fly" unmanned aerial vehicle interference, resulting in 58 flights down to Xi'an, Chongqing, Guiyang and Mianyang Airport, four aircraft return, over 10,000 passengers travel blocked airport The Flow International Airport official said, due to the four unmanned aerial vehicles interference, Shuangliu International Airport will have to run overnight. This is the unmanned aerial vehicles caused serious interference. In addition, unmanned aerial vehicles can also be through the traditional monitoring methods can not formally approved the way to pay attention to people. Rex Damschroder, a Ohio state legislator, is concerned that law enforcement agencies can not use the UAVs to monitor the potential of civilians through legal permission. "Now the police can not enter your house without a search warrant," Dum Schroeder told the Associated Press in August. "But UAVs, they can take pictures on the right side of your backyard." UAV Although we have brought a lot of convenience, but it also brings the threat is not small, UAV jammers can let unmanned aerial vehicles forced landing, is one way to deal with UAVs.
    153 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 24 Feb 2017
      In another case at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the airfield of the airport approached the system to record a simple cigarette lighter of electronic jammers caused by temporary anomalies in vehicles near the airport. This small GPS jammer costs less than $ 50, allowing users to avoid the use of GPS signals to eliminate their vehicles by generating an RF interference bubble around the neighborhood of the vehicle. If the vehicle is dependent on the GPS positioning and the timing of the airport or other facilities, there is a problem. "GPS signals are weak and easy to interfere," said Buensel. "We started monitoring GPS-L1 interferences in May 2015. We put the listener on the roof of the UK, and I thought we were lucky to see any interference, and in a month we had hundreds of themInterference Records, Switch Devices, There are A lot of interference is random, but we see a deliberate disturbance situation. Then will intentional and accidental GPS disturbances cause the aircraft to be crushed from the sky or truck to the building? This is not possible because most tasks and important GPS devices have many backups to handle intermittent interruption, said Buensel. Spirent experts are working to increase the awareness of the potential signal jammer to help users prepare for the inevitable things. If the user knows they are bothered, they can take action to mitigate their impact. "GPS interference is very much dependent on the line of sight," explains Buensel. "It might be useful to know that there are signal jammers, so you can reposition the antenna. Other solutions can include the systems like an oscillator or compensation system (like Loran)," he said. Military system designers can often use tests such as beam control or antenna nulling to beat GPS signals. "There is a solution that depends on what you want to do and what is the exact positioning of the value for you," said Buensel. Spirent Communications is focused on testing and measuring devices that can detect GPS interference and display possible solutions to mitigate GPS malfunctions.
    130 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 08 Jun 2017
      If you are already aware of what the jamming device is, then you will be glad to know that one of the latest models of the technology is better than before, and we will explain why. First of all, many people will be based on their own needs to buy a different jammer. This means that you may need to get the phone jammers, GPS jammer, remote control jammer and so on.Imagine the following situation. When you are in a quiet place where the phone should not be used, but someone kept talking to disturb everyone, this time, obviously, a cell phone jammer is a good choice. If you think you are being tracked, you do not want this to happen - in this case, then you need a GPS jammer.If you think you not only need a mobile phone jammer but also need a GPS blocker, this time you certainly do not want to take two devices, because it is very troublesome. Then this is why the combination of jammer come here. There are many models out there, you can go to choose what you need, so that a small device will be able to meet your requirements. Here, we recommend an 8 antennas signal blocker that blocks most of the frequently used signals and is reasonably priced. But nothing is perfect, we should tell you, while blocking the higher the frequency, the more the battery runs out. So if you are looking for portable jammers - please note its battery specifications. Here, our batteries are mostly able to let the jammer for 2 hours of work, and free to provide car charger.We hope to meet your requirements, if there is any problem, you can always contact us.
    129 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 19 Jun 2017
      In Haikou City, Longhua District Court tried a case in which a man used the signal jammer to intercept lock signal for stealing, the defendant Qinmou for theft was sentenced to six months and fined 1,000 yuan. Qinmou took a car remote control jammer to the Longhua District of Haikou City Jinlong Road Park State Park City looking for committing the crime in September 15, 2016 at noon.More than an hour later, Qin found that Ms. Qu and her family drive a car down the road and parked in the parking lot.He immediately open the remote control jammer, resulting in the electronic key lock can not be used to lock the car.Qin slipped into the car and found the back seat of the pad at the place of a black handbag, it stole a package with a RMB 1,800 yuan "red envelope" and fled the scene. Tasted the sweetness, Qinmou decided to do it again, at noon on September 27, Qinmou once again carry the car signal jammer to the parking lot on the state Park City looking for the target. When its the same way from a pickup truck on the high theft of a bag of cigarettes, Wang was arrested after the police on the spot.
    124 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 12 Jun 2017
      WASHINGTON — The proliferation of GPS jamming devices is creating a market for countermeasures, both in the defense and commercial sectors, industry officials say. Companies are testing and rolling out new systems to counter the threat, either by overcoming jamming signals or by identifying and locating their source, they say. In a speech at the annual Air Force Association conference on Sept. 17, Gen. William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command, which operates the 30-plus satellite GPS constellation, highlighted jamming as an increasingly common problem. “Lots of jammers [are] out there for GPS,” Shelton said. “In fact, you can buy gps jammer on the Internet. By the way, that’s illegal, but you can find them on the Internet and lots of adversaries around the world have GPS jamming capability so we’re going to have to learn to fight through GPS jamming.” Lockheed Martin Space Systems of Denver, prime contractor for the next-generation GPS 3 satellite system, has said that the new satellites will have eight times the jamming resistance of their predecessors. The GPS 3 satellites are slated to begin launching in 2015 but it will be several more years before that system is fully deployed. In the interim, companies are seeing growing demand for systems that counter jamming threats to both military and civil GPS signals. “We’ve seen enough of it [that] we think there’s a market,” said Kevin Farrell, general manager of positioning, navigation and timing at Exelis Geospatial Systems of Rochester, N.Y. Exelis has been testing a product called the Signal Sentry 1000 that detects and locates GPS interference sources and allows users to notify law enforcement. As an example of the proliferation of commercially available GPS jamming devices and the problems they pose, Exelis officials have regularly cited so-called personal privacy GPS jammers, which are commonly used by truckers so employers will not know where they are. If enough trucks equipped with these devices were parked at an active shipping port, they could wreak havoc on signals used by maritime traffic. 
    100 Posted by Ford Kelin
  • 22 Aug 2017
      As Dennis Raylee once said, "Happiness is a small dose." He mentions a biscuit or an incredibly insignificant thing in your life that brings great joy. For example, in the weekend you and your friends go to the theater to watch a wonderful movie. This is a little thing, but when we addicted to the film, we will get a different experience, you can escape the real world and immerse in the world created by the director. This will undoubtedly make us happy. But when you are immersed in the movie world, if someone around you have a phone call, what would you feel? Of course, it' very terrible and you definitely will be very annoyed. And there is no doubt that all of us think that calling in the cinema is very rude. In the cinema, the phone call should be forbidden. So how to stop people making a call in the cinema? Obviously, the cinema can not let a big guy to stop people's using phones. It seems that it can only rely on conscious. Of course not, there is a small tool here can help-the cell phone blockers. Mobile jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals, so if you use mobile phone jammers in the cinema, then people can not have phone call in the theater. In this regard, different people have different views. First of all, from the legal, different countries have the different laws about jammers.Some countries prohibit the use of jammers, such as the United States, and some countries allow the use of jammers in cinemas, such as Japan. At the same time, will you mind if you are watching a movie without touching the outside world? Some people will say that they do not mind having annoying people always behind them, but they will think twice when can not receive any e-mail, text or phone calls. People also worry about that the jammer will affect the emergency call. But no matter what, if you want to prohibit people in the cinema using mobile phones, the use of gsm jammers is the most simple and effective way. What do you think?      
    90 Posted by Ford Kelin