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  • 29 Jun 2017
    Get wonderful Experience of Exploring Central Park with Gossip Girl Tour   Do you want to explore the beauty of Central Park and its wonderful sites in New York City? If you do, then Gossip Girl Tour offers you the top class eco friendly tours at highly competitive price. Whether you wish to spend your entire day in the Central Park or just few hours, they can fulfill your need with their wide range of Central Park carriage tours and sightseeing services. You can visit the most famous landmarks of the Central Park and surrounding areas by availing their services: Here are some services offered by Gossip Girl Tour: VIP pedicab tour: Their 90 minutes VIP Gossip Girl pedicab can meet all your expectations. You can visit the places where Prince Louis and Blair had their great times such as Bethesda Terrace, Henri Bendel, and Harry Winston etc. Mini Pedicab tour: If you want to explore Central Park with your lady or future spouse then their mini Gossip Girl pedicab tours in NYC is perfect for you. This mini pedicab tour is of 90 minutes of time duration is perfect for maximum 2 people. This tour covers Laduree Bakery, Vera Wang boutique, Empire Hotel, Missoni Boutique, Lincoln Center and many other famous places. You can also visit St James Church where Prince Louis and Blair had their marriage ceremony. Platinum Tour: This is one of their most interesting an exciting tour package in which you get an ultimate experience to explore major film sites, celebrity homes and central park Hollywood movie sites. Their tour guides are expert in narrating many facts about history of central apart and famous places. This tour is private and customized in which you can even click amazing photographs at famous stops by having a personal photographer. This tour covers Bethesda fountain, Ice Rink, Carousel, Strawberry fields, Carousel and many other sites. In addition to this, they also offer you Gossip Girl bus tour and Sex and the City private pedicab tour package where you can do amazing adventures. Their tour guides are very informative, flexible and dedicated to provide you an ultimate and memorable experience. For more details regarding top class central park tours, you can visit Contact Info: Gossip Girl Tour 888 7th avenue, New York, NY 10019 (corner of 56 street and 7th avenue) Phone: +1 (855) 303-8353 Email:
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  • 03 Jul 2017
    Get Top Quality and Bespoke Door Security Hardware at Max6mum Security     Do you live in an apartment or a single family abode and want to enhance security for the same to avoid any unwanted situation? If yes, then Max6mum Security brings complete door security solution for your home that meets all your specific needs in terms of security. They have a genuine concern to provide the highest level of security to you and your family. Max6mum Security is the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of front door security for your home. This includes euro cylinder locks, door knockers, door viewers and door handles. Installing these security systems allow you to see the person visiting your abode without opening your entrance door. All their products are sophisticated, sturdy and effective that helps you avoid any unauthorized access to your property. These can keep the intruders and burglars out and help homeowner feel more secure and comfortable in their home. All their security systems and devices available at Max6mum Security are equipped with numerous advanced features and mechanisms. Also, they are made from top quality material that prevent locks from bumping, snapping, picking and many another common techniques used by burglars. One of the best features of their front door security hardware is that all of them are manufactures with the self-adhesive technology. Purchasing them can ensure your high protection against all types of unwanted threats. In addition to this, Max6mum Security also offers window lock (sash jammer) and lockable window restrictor to provide you window security. These window restrictor limits window opening only up to 100 mm. This can save your child from falling out of the window or be in any dangerous situation. Installing window restrictor is more effective and convenient solution in order to improve window security at your home. Apart from this, all the products especially, door security chain and door handles of Max6mum Security are not only perfect for front door security, but also to enhance attraction of your front home door. Thus, if you are looking for the best online store to get the top class window and door security locks, Max6mum Security can be the one stop shop for you. To know more about their door locks features, you can visit Contact Details: UAP Limited Unit 1 Albert Close Trading Estate Manchester, England Phone- 0161 796 7268
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  • 03 Jul 2017
    Find Quality Door and Window Security Solutions with City Safe UK   City Safe UK is a market leader providing finest quality door and window security solutions at affordable prices. Safety plays a prominent role when it comes to your valuable assets and your family. Even if it is your personal or professional premises, safety is a huge factor for smooth functioning and living. Imagine if you are have lost your room keys, and your room is locked, this is a troubleshooting situation for everyone, where a person can’t think wise due to a lot of hassle. This is why you can rely over City Safe UK, so that you get wise solution on time. They are the most trustable suppliers of window security, locks, door hardware and cylinders. Either you need a key blank or a padlock, they have it all. They have a team of experts, who have over 100 year experience in the same field. Their team is professional and has a wide knowledge of locking and security industry. The company is running successfully since four years and is still leading markets. They provide satisfactory products and services to you, so that you don’t regret in investing your hard-earned money. Their primary goal is to provide standardized products and services which satisfy you to the fullest. They serve the top brands like UAP, Frisco, Squire, Lockey, Max6mum Security, Keyline, KeyDIY, Safes and more. City Safe UK provides quality key cutting, which is modern and more accurate than the old methods. They use innovative and unique products and the finest ideas and approaches to make key cutting a professional and organized task. Their quality techniques and key blanks help you in getting in wide group of customers. You can choose cylinder keys, mortice lock keys, etc or any type of keys and key blanks for your company. The keys provided by the company are made by best steel, so that it doesn’t goes through rusting process. They have a huge stock of every product so you can purchase them in big bulks. They also make their store easy to find, and they also have categorized their products in a more accessible way. You can contact them through: Telephone: 02380 010 871, 0161 769 7268 Email: Accounts: Or you may log on to:
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  • 17 Jan 2017
    Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited: Offering You Superior Glass Repairing Services       Glass is the most versatile material which is used for several purposes in construction sector as well as in automobile manufacturing industry. Although its property of transparency and visible transmittance makes glass suitable for several purposes but it also require proper handling as it can easily break because of accidents or excessive force. Cracked or chipped glasses pose a great threat on your safety and thus they need to be replaced as soon as possible. There are a few companies such as Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited which caters your entire glass repair and replacement services. Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited is a leading company that provides unique glasses and also offers services of glass repair Edmonton. Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited aims to provide you superior glasses which are made using high standard. They have team of expert technicians who are constantly developing the latest technology for providing you remarkable services of glass repairing and installation. The company was founded by Ron Le Clair in Nov 2007 with a goal of supplying corporate glasses. Later in Feb 2008 Kevin Bischk, and in Oct 2009 Mario Godreau joined hands and gain the ownership of this company to enhance the quality and production of the glass. At Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited, you can avail the following services: · Automotive glass: The company provides excellent windshield glass for your automobiles. Plus, they also provide glass repair Lethbridge and replacement services. · Residential glass: They also provide the services of installation and replacement of residential glass. Right from chipped windows, tinted glasses, wired glasses, mirrored closest doors and aluminum window repairs; they provide services for all kind of glasses. · Commercial glass: They are specialized in developing the commercial glasses of different shapes, sizes and styles. They have skilled workers who cater your needs and fit the glass with perfect edge cutting work. On the whole, Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited is a trusted business that provides various types of glass repairing and installation services including tempered glass, safety glass, beveling, mirrors, float glass, table and desk top glass, heavy equipment glass and mirrored closet doors etc. So, if you seeking a company that provides top quality glasses and Edmonton glass repair services, then Benchmark Glass & Mirror is highly recommended for you! To know more, you can visit
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Business 518 views Oct 10, 2018
صالون "سابيوتي بروفيشنال للسيدات دبي"

لطالما بحثت، وتناقشت مع قريباتك وصديقاتك عن افضل صالون نسائي في دبي، ولطالما زرت كذا صالون في دبي، وعُدت منه خائبة الأمل، لسبب أو لآخر؛ لذا اسمحي لنا أن نخبرك بأنك ستجدين ظالتك، وغايتك المنشودة عندنا في صالون "سابيوتي بروفيشنال للسيدات".

نعدك بأنك ستنبهرين من الوهلة الأولى بالجو الراقي، والفخم الذي يضعك محلّ الأميرات، ويشعرك بالراحة التامة؛ سيستقبلك بعدها فريق عملنا المتكون من خبيرات، ومحترفات، وأخصائيات في كلّ المجالات التي من نشأنها أن تلبي رغباتك في مجال التجميل، والتدليك، والعلاجات التي لطالما بحثت عنها؛ لتعرض عليك كلّ الخدمات المتوفرة لدينا وبأسعار ستروق لك لا محالة.

هدفنا هو رضاك، وغايتنا هي أن نُكسِبك تلك الطلّة التي تحلمين بها، لتخرجي من عندنا كالملكة الجميلة الجذابة، التي تسحر الناظرين برونقها وبهائها.

سيكون خيارك افضل صالون في دبي الموسوم ب "سابيوتي بروفيشنال للسيدات" فرصة لك لتكتشفي أحدث العلاجات الخاصة بالعناية بالشعر، والجسم، والبشرة؛ وكذا أحدث طرق التدليك، وكلّ ما تبحثين عنه في مجال التجميل.

سنُعَرّفك بمنتجاتنا العالمية المضمونة 100%، وتجهيزات الصالون العصرية، التي تجعلك توفري الكثير من وقتك ومالك في نفس الوقت.

رأي الزائرات لصالون "سابيوتي بروفيشنال للسيدات"

نفتخر برأي الزائرات اللاتي حُظين بعناية فائقة، وتدليل خاص، كلّ واحدة حسب طلباتها، وميزانيتها، ووقتها.

فالبنسبة للشعر، سنمنح شعرك كلّ ما يحتاج اليه من قصّات، وتسريحات، ووصلات، وصبغات.

أمّا وجهك فسنّكسبه إشراقة ونظارة لم يعرفها من قبل، بعد جلسة تنظيف على يد خبيراتنا في التجميل، ثم ننتقل إلى تعزيز رموشك، وأخيرا ستكون جلسة الماكياج الذي يتلاءم مع شكل وجهك، ولون بشرتك، وحسب المناسبات، كما نوفّر الماكياج اليومي، الذي يجعلك تبدين طبيعية، بسحرٍ فريد من نوعه.

أما إذا كنت من الباحثات عن الاسترخاء، والراحة لجسمك، فسيمنحك الحمام، والسبا شعورا لا يُظاهى من الاسترخاء الذي ينسيك كلّ تعبك، وهذا ما تمنحك إياه أيضا جلسات التدليك لدينا.

تكما تُعجب الزائرات لدينا بنقوش الحناء المتنوعة المتوفرة في الصالون.

للحجز والاستعلامات، تفضلي رجاءا بزيارة موقعنا