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Business 43 views Oct 14, 2017
Payne guided Murray State to NBA Live Mobile Coins

Supposed to be Isaiah Canaan’s replacement at Murray State but had to assume the starting point guard role immediately as a freshman due to injuries. Payne never looked back, emerging as one of the elite point guards in the country. Leading the Racers’ offense, Payne guided Murray State to NBA Live Mobile Coins the 13th-most efficient offense in the nation this season, per He ranked 15th in the nation in

assists per game. He recently suffered a fractured ring finger on his non-shooting hand. The injury does not require surgery, but Payne will not workout for anymore teams before the draft.Strengths: Payne has the one true necessary skill of a point guard in today’s NBA: A mastery of the pick-and-roll. He’s crafty working in various pick-and-roll sets, using his next-

level decision-making ability, pull-up jumper and fluid floater to keep defenses off balance. He possesses the vision and ball-handling abilities of an NBA point guard, and he really shines in  Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins the open court. What makes Payne an especially intriguing prospect to scouts is his length and defensive versatility. At just under 6’2”, Payne measured an exceptional 6’7 ?” wingspan. Combine that with his

quickness and Payne could potentially guard the majority of all NBA wings. Weaknesses: Like many 20-year-old prospects, Payne needs to add muscle in order to survive at the next level. His floater is truly a weapon, but he struggles getting all the way to the rim and has difficulties finishing. Payne’s struggle to reach the tin against mid

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