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Business 80 views Sep 14, 2017
The NBA Live Coins Hornets are different

What's the net result? At the Hive season preview The NBA Live Coins Hornets are different. Are they better?FLANNERY: Zeller's made nice progress in his three years and I expect that he's got a little bit more room to grow. Kaminsky is what he is and what we all thought he would be coming into the league. Sure, he'll get better with more experience. But hanging your hopes on either of those two big men isn't going to take you far.


That's been one of the issues with at Buy Madden mobile coins Charlotte's rebuild over the years: the drafts have been OK, but there's no home run selection. I suppose you can count Walker as a quality choice given where he was drafted in the second half of the lottery. Of course, he was taken two spots ahead of Bismack Biyombo so ...Clifford is the real deal. To get a top-10 offense and defense out of that roster? Come on.


 I don't like ranking coaches, but I consider him one of the best working the sideline. That's where I pin most of my hopes for this Hornets team.ZILLER: I think that's a reasonable outlook. But it calls into question where we slot this team looking toward playoff seeds. I have them behind the Celtics and Pistons (plus the Raptors and Cavaliers). I'm not sure that's totally fair given their relative youth and the fact they won 48 a year ago.


 But it's where I am. You?FLANNERY: I'm in  Mmogo   the same place. I don't know how the rest of the East is going to shake out, but I'm propping the Pistons on top of that mythical third tier behind Cleveland and then Boston and Toronto. That's an awfully crowded group and a few decent teams are going to miss the playoffs.I'll put the Hornets in the postseason based on my faith in Kemba and Clifford, but that's as far as I'm willing to go.