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Business 30 views Aug 09, 2017
From the position of Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins

Are you picking up this guy! "Ferguson's temper is well known, but this time he was rare not to Madden Mobile Coins respond, choose to silence he may go to reflect, why Moyes took over, Manchester United results even rotten to the point. Also need to point out that Ferguson in Man The city of Derby during the stands in the stands, he witnessed the collapse of Manchester United.


From the position of Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Manchester United fans, they have reason to ask why Ferguson in accordance with his wishes to choose Moyes as Manchester United coach, the two Scotland In the end is how a relationship, in a lot of Manchester United fans, as well as the British media, this season hit now, Moyes has not get out of class, there is an important reason is that Ferguson behind the scenes behind


Moyes, the club high To Ferguson face, can not dismiss Moyes, and such things should not have happened, last summer after the announcement of Ferguson retired, the handsome work should go the normal channel, rather than let Ferguson, such as the release of holy like a separate assignment. The ball, a Manchester United fans in the South stand up to Moyes curse, and even lift the boxing Ready to "pain flat" Mo Ye.


Long away the magic which went to the fans of the media extremely disappointed this year, the most sad reminder of things, than when the Manchester United fans yesterday morning Manchester City derby, a box of the Red Devils fans intolerable ready to rush to the coach The storm hit Moyes, fortunately the golf course in a timely manner, only to the middle-aged man forced away from the stadium.
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