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Business 72 views Jul 02, 2017
Thissimilaritytakes place in Buy NFL 18 Coins

Sefolosha can get back to Madden NFL 18 Coins close out on him. Here is the play in real time:As you can see, it is a lose-lose situation for the defense. This is why sets with multiple options make sense. If the defense takes something away, something else is open. An Interesting SimilarityWhile watching each teams half-court possessions, I noticed an interesting similarity between the two offenses.


Thissimilaritytakes place in Buy NFL 18 Coins delayed transition opportunities where the teams aren't really in transition, but they aren't running their offense as well. When both teams are in delayed transition opportunities, they like to set a screen with a trailing big man. However, despite the fact that both teams run pick and rolls in delayed transition situations, they are looking for different things out of it.When the Miami


 Heat set their screen in delayed transition, it is usually a screen for James. With the defense not set, this screen is designed to free up James and allow him to create.Meanwhile Dallas likes to have Nowitzki setting their screens. As you can probably expect, the Mavericks are looking to try and get Nowitzki open using the pick and pop (again, with the defense not set).Sideline Out Of Bounds


PlaysIn the playoffs, teams don't really run much set plays in sideline out of bounds situations. Unless it is a late game situation, offenses usually settle for getting the ball in and just running their standard half court defense. However, if Miami or Dallas are looking to get a quick score from the side, these are the plays that they may run.Backscreen For