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Business 105 views Jul 01, 2017
Because beyond his to FIFA 18 Coins

 That's when it became infuriating.Because beyond his to FIFA 18 Coins smug posturing, Stern's right about lockouts. They can take on a life of their own, to the extent that they can squeeze the life out of a league long after the lockout is overwith. Stern should know this better than anyone in the NBA.He oversaw the NBA's lockout in 1998, a disastrous battle that left his league limping for a solid five or six seasons in the aftermath. Back then, that was the first major black mark on a resume of the man who'd ushered pro basketball into the most prosperous era of all time. Now?


RELATED: David Stern Is Lying To You At  FIFA Coins 18 best, Stern's legacy is more complicated. At best, he stood by idly while the Seattle Supersonics were stolen away to Oklahoma City. At best, while Donald Sterling embarrasses the league with racist, dishonest business practices, Stern's been an innocent bystander. At best, Stern presided over an officiating scandal that no commissioner could have seen coming.


 At best, Stern's been the victim of fifaah circumstances of beyond his control.At worst, David Stern's arrogance and the failures of his unilateral judgment have been the common thread with everything that's gone wrong in the NBA over the past decade or so, and the NBA Lockout might be what finally costs him the benefit of the doubt. For the NBA owners, a lockout's a calculated risk.


If enough owners truly  believe the league's financial model is broken, then it's worth it for them to risk the NBA season if it means they can get a better deal for the next 5-10 years. It's a simple business principle, they think, and since many of those owners can point to red balance sheets and say they'd lose money anyway, it makes even more sense to them.