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Business 100 views Jun 12, 2017
Every possession down the NBA Live Mobile Coins

Every possession down the NBA Live Mobile Coins stretch ran directly though Love, and he responded with 12 more points and five more rebounds in the fourth quarter to close out the game and push his totals to eye-popping levels with 36 points and 17 rebounds. Love proved too much for David Lee to handle in a barrage of late-game post isolations, but as mentioned above, the Warriors can't be too upset about the outcome.


As a final point, the Warriors TV crew on Cheap MUT 18 Coins CSN-Bay Area shared a terrific anecdote about Wolves rookie Derrick Williams during the second quarter. Apparently the Wolves' coaching staff introduced the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft to them as "Errick Williams" because he failed to play any "D" on Sunday in Minnesota's loss to the Kings. Tough love. Williams did grab a career-high 11 rebounds in the win, but good thing he didn't have an "O" in his name, because that would be long gone too after a 2-9 showing with a team-high four turnovers.


Then again, nobody came away from Minnesota's previous game with a good feeling. Frustration boiled over in an argument between Kevin Love and J.J. Barea on the bench that almost came to blows during a timeout in that frustrating 16-point loss to the Sacramento Kings on Sunday (video of the scuffle is here). Things smoothed out in this road win against the Warriors, as Barea dished out a season-high 10 assists and Love dominated to earn his 39th double-double this season.


To bring the focus back to Chris Mullin, here is a wonderful illustration commemorating the retirement of his jersey number from Tony.psd of SB Nation's Warriors blog, Golden State of Mind:For more on the Minnesota Timberwolves, check out Canis Hoopus. For more on the Golden State Warriors, head over to Golden State of