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Society 175 views Apr 17, 2017
Road safety: Driving ban headphones for cyclists

Every fourth cyclist rides with headphones on his ears. Professional drivers: they prohibit the drive. Even wear a safety reflective vest. It’s still dangerous.

Cyclists riding listening to music - according to a poll Center for Social Prevention. It is most common among them risky behavior on the road while driving. Respondent’s cyclists do not see the problem, but in this behavior - more than half of the surveyed young cyclists and skaters cannot see the relationship between road safety and listening to music.

"Smartphone, mobile phones, games geo headphones distract cyclists, skaters, motorists, but also pedestrians. It is conducive to accidents," - says Mares Inspector in safety vest.

According to professional drivers listening to music while cycling or skating should be legally allowed on public roads and cycle paths parallel to such roads or streets. The introduction of this legal prohibition is 81 percent. This legal is built up for people’s safety, same as the pedestrian need to wear reflective material element on the road.