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Society 163 views Apr 06, 2017
Police in safety vest checks in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt city police in safety vest control in the next two weeks motorists and cyclists. Now in the fall the risk of accidents increases.

Barr, that's cold outside, and it's still dark so early. This fall!

For the start of school on Monday cyclists are not only caught from the weather is cold, but possibly also by the city police. The men and women in blue uniforms are then at all possible intersections and corners, two weeks, especially where a lot is going on. Stop cyclists riding traffic unconstitutional.

Then there is a dialogue like this: "Stop, here you go without light! Do not you know how dangerous that is? "-" Uh, excuse me. "-" You should now pay 20 Euros! For this time I let it in the warning. But here, these shortcomings card I give you with that let the bike shop where you stamp to buy a candle and then show it in front at the city police, right? "-" Yeah, well, okay. Thank you. Bye."

Tempo measurements Schools

The sun says goodbye currently evening about 18 o'clock. All, really all need, is careful in the dark winter months not to get hurt.

Because in dusk and dawn the risk of accidents increases in the street by three times when rain and snow even to come tenfold, knows Rainer Michaels, head of the traffic safety of the municipal police. By contrast, there was only one way visibility. Who wears bright clothes with reflective tape or things that reflect who its illumination that falls on? "Let's see you," is the road safety campaign of the municipal police.

In addition, the city police measure speed on school routes and in front of schools. For two weeks, 70 blocks are controlled starting Monday. "This aims to raise awareness that students are traveling," says Michaels.

Accidents happen not only when it is raging. People in the dark are hard to see. A black jacket, for example, is only 25 meters visible. Drivers can react in time then barely. From 40 meters bright clothes is noticeable, but even this distance travels a vehicle in a few seconds. 150 meters radiate reflective vest, vests and light strips for leg. Such snap bands with the slogan "Let's see you" spread the municipal police in the coming weeks.

That alone is not enough to be visible, a bike needs, according to Road Traffic Licensing Regulations not only front and rear light, but also cats eyes in the spokes (yellow), cat's eyes on the frame (front white, red at the rear) , Furthermore, reflectors (yellow) to the pedals and well functioning brakes.

This is not only valid for bicycles. “Bright sounding bell" highway legislation also needs carriage.