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Society 166 views Apr 01, 2017
Motorists injured child in reflective vest and flees

During a traffic practice with the traffic safety advisers police a girl in reflective vest on Wednesday been approached on the bike and slightly injured, reported the police.

Against 11:45 the 11-year-old was driving with her bike hunter’s street - in a group of students, accompanied by a policeman. All children contribute this training bike helmets and reflective clothing. Route helper is standing every few meters along the road, wearing safety vest. In the exercise, the children should learn how to behave with the wheel on the road.

But at the intersection Hunter Street corner at the Angel Fur, a blue Audi between two girls jostled by the group. One of the girls was hit while on his leg and could even prevent a fall with the bike yet. It bore minor injuries.

The driver of the older Audis - possibly an A3 - did not stop, but fled. He had previously noticed by his aggressive driving style. Notes take the police in reflective jacket counter under 022022050th.