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Society 238 views Mar 03, 2017
Safety vest with remote control will improve safety

Lublin light blouse with reflective fabric material is the best in the national competition.

It is to ensure the safety of cyclists, especially in dimly lit rural areas. We are talking about light blouse, reflective vest or tunic with turn indicators and position light, located on the back. Design students from Secondary School transport and communication in Lublin just received the first prize in a national competition for innovative technical projects relating to agriculture and rural development.


- When the power turns on red light position, such as in a car that lights up nonstop. The steering wheel is fixed pilot. We have the two buttons. When we turn to the left, we press the left button and then begin flashing left turn. Lights on for 10 seconds and then turns itself off - explains the principles of operation Clichés...


Students dreaming of that light blouse with reflective tape went into mass production.