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Society 250 views Jan 03, 2017
Pylons fitters in safety clothing at work

On the pylons fitters in safety clothing are traveling. What the men engaged in this dangerous profession connects.

Free lineman's the Occupation of young men who are doing the Unterallgäu that, before we warn all children rightly resistant: They will soar on high-voltage pylons. "It's not so wild," appeased Andreas. "This looks more dangerous than it is." All five assemblers that the LEW masts point 79 to 34 up towards retrofitted with an assurance riser system are Austrians and for years experienced and passionate recreational climbers. "People from Carinthia and East Tyrol are for several years leader in this industry," says Foreman Alban.

But while Andreas is only five years there and thus an old hand, are two of his colleagues only since October this professional activity and are quasi yet learned. "However, one can never really in this profession," quips Müller, “There is always something new" Certain conditions must not meet: "But of course you should be afraid of heights and crush resistant. However, it is not a teaching, so we have, for example, carpenters, electricians or bricklayers doing. Especially important is common sense, "says the Carinthian. The average age of the group is around 24 years; it is precisely what young people think it is good to have an unusual work. Andreas Müller knows anyone over 40 who exercise this profession. He and his colleagues get hazard and height allowance "and to get neat rum in the world."

Current is only partially turned off

Nevertheless, the whole thing is no picnic: If the five climbing on the 45 to 50 meter high masts, only part of the high-voltage lines is not live. "The network operator has turned the 110,000 volt line on one side. On the other hand, the 220,000 volts flow but still, "said the 25 year old. Therefore checks the lead climber who first secured the safety cable above, using a device, if not yet current. Then a rod including copper cable is attached, so that the line for all cases is grounded and everything is safe for the workers ", Müller describes the first steps.

Around four to five masts equips the young troop per day according to the system. They often work twelve hours a day - in the summer and more. "The right weather does not exist: In the summer, it's hot, in the winter cold and wet in the fall, does not matter," says the 25-year-old Carinthian, is actually a skilled carpenter. And his colleagues affirm: "It does not freeze us real. When climbing is an already warm "Whereby it but also optimal function and safety wear reflective vest- safety has finally top priority.

Thunderstorms can be dangerous

Merely storm could be dangerous to the climbers on the power poles. "If lightning strikes, it can migrate over several kilometers in the lead. Therefore: Immediately down when there is lightning in the area. Even if it seems so far away, "says Andreas Müller.

The harness for professional climbers looks a little different from the recreational climber and has a belt with a lot of bags and straps for tools and equipment that need to be taken up with the mast. Pliers, hammer, ratchet and the essays for this: Often the fitters must also haul up to 20 kilograms in the air. But even if the five men stressed enter casually, is one of the basic rules in their jobs, never to be careless, says Andreas in safety vest: "You really have always with it, otherwise happened before what. Even just a little drop, could be extremely dangerous - for the bottom "And if that climbing pylons to seem easy, for the miller has a tip:" What is really interesting driving by line trolley! These are cars - or racks - which are attached to the lines themselves and move from one pole to the next. This is the most exciting thing I've done so far. "