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Society 424 views Dec 27, 2016
Seniors spoke of the reflective material

About how important it is setting up reflective materials of the seniors talked policemen from the Municipal Police Headquarters. The organizers of the meeting for seniors were the newspaper, "Every Week" and the Provincial Traffic Centre.

The meeting was organized on the estate was attended by the Permanent seniors from the University of the Third Age Foundation My Time for seniors them. The guests emphasized that even with the compact reflective material the driver is able to see a pedestrian from a distance of 150 meters. It's time to react, which can save lives.

In the autumn and winter, when night falls quickly and the additional pedestrian dressed in dark clothing, the driver becomes practically invisible. And that can lead to tragedy.

Seniors, present at the meeting, they could see in a practical way, how it looks.

The police arranged for their passage cop, realizing that after dark, as well as in case of bad weather, which reduces visibility on the road, the driver sees the pedestrian without glare at the last minute.

No glare caused among pedestrians is also some reluctance; he tried to break the meeting organizers.

Thanks to the practical classes, during which seniors could see how important to our health and life is to assume glare, the participants unanimously declared that they will not forget about them. At the meeting, senior citizens were given reflective tapes.