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Career & Work 1,817 views Nov 07, 2016
How Education Equips One to Earn a Living

Formal education is essential in one’s life as it can get one an employment or create jobs for others and earn a living.


This article enumerates some of the ways education can help you earn a living with or without an employment. Some of the ways include starting service businesses, making investments in the real estates, offering consultation services as well as creating a product that meets the needs of customers. Thus, despite the decline of employment opportunities with increased graduates, it is still possible to make a living through the acquired education.
1.Start a service business

 Starting a service business is very easy since it does not require contacts or any website to begin. One can start his or her business and advertise it on social media. An example of service businesses could include content marketing and web design. Although it is not possible to earn much when charge rates are done at an hour or billing for an individual service at a particular time, you can look for alternatives. For instance, for you to earn much more, the packages should be bundled, and emphasis laid on their value.

2.Invest in real estate

Any individual with enough capital can start a real estate business develop it to become a big company. If one is not able to manage a business on their own, they can consult and even join an experienced developer through crowd funding opportunities. Success in real estate business is dependent on knowledge about management state of the economy.

3.Create a product

With education, one has the knowledge to create a product to fill a certain gap in the market. Every person talks about the Kindle books and e-books as a way of making money. The internet consists of premium products as well as corporate websites which look alike. Instead of using this sites, one can be associated with sites such as the Gum road that sells software, books, and music. Moreover, huge profits are being made by the sellers if their products are interesting and entertaining to the buyers.

4.Start a rental business

Rental institutions began as a result of one individual renting out his or her personal stuff like office furniture and pressure washers. Hence, one can start renting bouncing houses or birthday party costumes. People can also rent out their homes and vehicles. For instance, one can begin with renting personal items. The renting of household things has become useful in shaping any country’s economy.

5.Education provides a variety of working opportunities

Individuals with education normally have knowledge and capacity to perform a different variety of jobs. In addition, educated fellows can easily learn new skills that can be applied in different work settings. Therefore, at any given time, they cannot lack jobs to do as they have many options to choose from.
6.Education equips one with innovation techniques

Education enables one to keep up with evolutions. Keeping up with recent technologies, one can identify an opportunity and tap it to earn himself or herself a living. The knowledge of what is happening in other worlds will also enable one to think of an opportunity to create something profitable.

Author Bio: Samir Rayan is the author of the article. He is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, content marketer for businesses and a professional career consultant at schools. He also work for Essay Writing Company in his free time.