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Humor 379 views Jun 12, 2018
Light Up Masks

Nowadays, there are so many new funky and trendy innovations coming up almost every single day that it becomes quite difficult to decide which new trend to try out. One such new trend is the light up masks, and do not hesitate to try it out, as it is one such decision that you will never regret, but instead would feel great for. Whether be it the lively raves or Halloween nights or even concerts of music artists, you can wear these masks anywhere you want. And you will love the experience of trying out such a cool funky fashion trend.

The NewLight Up Masks

The reason so many people all over the world wear the light up masks is to enjoy the experience and the occasion they are wearing it on. This light up mask is of some types, but the basics and the features are the same for all of them. The main reason these masks light up is because of the presence of Electroluminescent (EL) wired light. And the mask is made of durable plastic. The cord is a sturdy elastic head strap which is used to fasten on when the user is wearing it.

The mask is made in such a way that it conforms with the user’s face perfectly and is also made comfortable for the user of the mask. Toprovide power to the mask, there is a need of batteries, and so the mask has a battery pack which is detachable in nature, but the batteries are not included in the mask. The battery to use needs to be the AA type. The light up masks have the option of 3 modes of flashing. The masks are available in different colours like red, pink, blue, light blue, purple, green, white, orange, and yellow. Visit and find the wide varieties available in light up masks.

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