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A Guide on How to Choose a Saree that Will Suit You

Sarees in the recent times have made its way to the millennial’s wardrobe rapidly. And this explains why, when it comes to ethnic wear, sarees are the best. However, there are still a lot of young women who refrain from experimenting with the ethnic attire. They are skeptical whether it would suit them or would be easy to carry around. The truth about looking good in a saree is that not every saree that you pick up will make you look good. You have to make a pick based on your body type. Think about it. In case you are in great shape and have a chiseled body type, wouldn't you want to wear something that flaunts your perfectly shaped belly and augments your curves?On the other hand, if you don't want to show up any skin, you can go for sarees with heavy embroidery work in silk that is sure to steal glances from onlookers.

Here we present our guide on how to choose a Sari that will suit you. Forget not to go and search for your favouriteonesonlineat and save time and efforts are you get that delivered quicklyto your doorsteps.

In case you are:

  • Short and Slim- In case you are short and slim, you need to go for sarees with small to medium sized prints on it. Avoid wearing anything that has a lot of heavy embroidery work on the pallu. Choose sarees with a thin border which shall make you look elegantand sweet. Choosing sarees with wider border would not really go with your short stature,and you may end up looking shorter.
  • Tall and Slim- Tall and Slim figured women need not really worry about what Saree to wear as having a super-model figure is good enough to fit in any kind of attire, no matter what material, what prints and what borders. Women who are tall, as well as slim, can pull off a heavy Kanchipuram or a delicate Mysore Silk as good as they can pull off chiffon or a georgette saree. Tall, slim women should pick from the heavyprints and intricate design that would complement their height really well.
  • Average height- In case you have an average height, you can try sarees in organza, silk or cotton. Although light color sarees will suit the best for you, feel free to explore sarees in darker shades. If you opt for a lighter shade Sari, make sure you pick up one with a lot of heavy embroidery on it. If your choice is a Saree in a darker shade, it better be a plain one.

In case you have:

  • A Voluptuous Figure- Surely, when you wear a Saree, you need to highlight your natural curves. Therefore, pick up a reallylightweight Saree, maybe something in chiffon or georgette. Dark shades saris would look the best on you, but you can go for the lighter ones anyways. Go for a net fabric with some light embroidery on the border. This will surely make you dazzle in any occasion you go.
  • Overweight Figure- Women who are slightly on the plump side can pick up something in handloom, silk or chiffon so thing which is easy to drape and is not too stiff. Pick up dark color sarees with less zari or embroidery work on them. Do keep in mind to check that the material is light and breathable.

That was our guide on how to pick the perfect Saree for you. Do not forget to buy these sarees online at low prices from